Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC – Sept 2015

From the East


The scorching summer and its drought are easing into the history books as most of us happily look toward fall. While cooler temperatures and a busy fall schedule are the norm, uncertainty seems to rule the world picture. There has been sabre rattling among our nation, Russia, China and the middle-east amid speculation of a possible war. The admonition in our closing charge is what? “Every human being has a claim upon your kind offices. Do good unto all. Recommend it, more especially to the household of the faithful.” Hold to what we have learned in lodge and allow it to govern our behavior.

The good news is, our grand fraternity’s traditions continue unabated, and our actions and attitudes are to be governed by virtue, thus keeping us within our Creator’s guidelines in our day to day dealings. Think about that. We volunteer ourselves to a higher moral compass. While we cannot affect the major changes in the offing, we CAN prepare for them. Make sure to do so quietly with extra water, food, medicine, communications, and a means of defense. Whether it’s another hurricane Hugo situa-tion or something else that up-ends our normal routine, being prepared keeps us calm(er) until everything can be made right.

We have two Fellow Crafts ready for the sublime degree coming up in a month, plan (Warning: your cable-tow is now being tugged) to attend and take part in the Master Mason Degree, Saturday morning October 3rd!

You have been apprised of the salient points of possible code changes we will consider for Grand Lodge later this month, let us know if you feel strongly about them. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking for those of you who want to join The Scottish Rite and / or Oasis Shriners. The Scottish Rite Fall Reunion is October 23rd & 24th, Oasis Shrine Fall Ceremonial is the following weekend, October 30th & 31st. Need a petition? Let us know.

See you in lodge!


John Harder – Master

From the Secretary


Please note all of the dates below, particularly the change in the date of the Master Mason Degree from September 19 to October 3. It turns out that September is quite busy with several appendant body events as well as the NC Grand Lodge Annual Communication, and this postponement became necessary in order to assure the greatest participation by officers and others who are critical in our ability to assure a quality degree for our two Fellowcraft.

Brothers, the closing months of the year will see a number of matters of great import to not only your Lodge but to all Masons of North Carolina in some cases. The Grand Lodge Annual Communication will see three of your officers (WM Harder, Bro. Crump and Bro. Stout) voting on all of the Grand Lodge Officers for 2016 as well as the proposed CODE amendments about which Brother Ric Carter crafted an article about in the most recent North Carolina Mason. Our final opportunity to discuss these in Lodge will be at the September Stated. You’ll also see the afore-mentioned Master Mason Degree, and on Halloween, the Cletus O. Fulp Barbeque…our largest fundraiser of the year for our Masonic Charities, the Masonic Home for Children at Oxford and Whitestone: A Masonic and Eastern Star Home in Greensboro. And finally, I will mention the election of your 2016 Phalanx Officers at the November 10 Stated Communication.

Please take a moment to mark your calendar for these opportunities. We are busy, and we need your participation and in-put in order to insure that the results of these all are in the best interests of the Lodge and for the good of Masonry.


Mike Hamrick, PM