Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC – August 2015

From the East

My Brothers,

Wow, the Dog Days of summer have left many of us looking forward to relief of daily 90+ degrees (except for less than a handful of days this summer). I hope those of you who have been able to, have had a good summer break. As we move toward the restart of school in a few weeks and to what will be a busy Fall schedule with our appendant bodies, we are preparing for a Fellow Craft’s degree the 25th of this month. This will give us two candidates for a Master Mason degree in September (12th).

Our next stated meeting is on the 11th followed a week later August 18th with our first awards presentation this year. Plan to attend both and bring a guest to the awards evening – a great time to convey your message to some-one you think would be a good Mason. Yes, guests are welcome on the 18th!

So many of our Brothers (in this very lodge at its founding) put their names and their lives on the line for this nation … what would they think now? … and others of our lodge have or are serving in our nation’s military under the same obligations. It’s interesting to take a few moments and review the Declaration of Independence and the conditions that led to it. You will see that this nation is sailing a rough sea indeed, not too distant from the dark time just shy of 10 brief generations ago.

Again, like the scout: “Be Prepared” – on all levels for uncertainty.

War See you in the Lodge,


John Harder – Master

From the West


As we get later in the year, we seem to have a lot going on for the Good of Masonry. There are two degrees coming up soon. Please plan if you can, to join us for the August 25th Fellowcraft degree. The Grand Lodge annual meeting is next month, and the CODE amendments will be discussed at the August Stated, and should also appear in an upcoming issue of the North Carolina Mason. Should you have any opinions or concerns about these, please do not hesitate to contact WB Harder or one of the Wardens, Bro. Crump or WB Boyle, as these are the representatives of your Lodge.


Chris Crump, SW

From the Secretary


Please note all of the dates below, but particularly the August 18th Service Awards presentation evening. This night is an opportunity to honor our Brothers who have reached a milestone of having been a member of our great fraternity for 25, 50 or 60 years. This is one of only a handful of Masonic rituals that non-Masons are permitted to witness (Officer Installation, laying of a cornerstone and Masonic Last Rites among some of the others). You are welcome to bring family if you wish, but also consider this an opportunity to invite a friend who you feel may one day be a good candidate for Masonry. This may be all it takes to prompt that initial inquiry which would begin his journey.

Brothers, for the Masonic Education portion of our last Stated Communication, WB Bob Braswell exemplified the Masonic Rites, as he has hundreds of times at the request of many of our Brothers. Do you know that in both 2013 and 2014, we had 8 or more of our Brothers travel to that undiscovered country from whose bourne no traveler returns, and that already in 2015, we have had another 8 of our Brothers make that same journey? Of these, the Lodge was contacted and asked to give the Masonic Last Rites by two of the families. In fairness, many of these Brothers may not have wished to have this participation in their Service, or perhaps they simply failed to make sure that their family knew that they did. Whatever the case, I have been concerned that we did not have any kind of vehicle in place for Brothers to express their Masonic wishes. I’ve included a Masonic Last Rites Request form with this Trestleboard, for you to consider should you wish to have this as part of your memorial. This is among the most important acts of compassion and service that a Masonic Lodge can perform for a Brother and his family, but these wishes must be known.


Mike Hamrick, PM