Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC – Sept 2013

Service Awards

25 Year Masonic Service Award Charlotte, NC
Brother Tim Pope – 25 years
50 Year Masonic Service Award Charlotte, NC
WB Dave Morgan – 50 years

From the West


I hope that this month’s Trestleboard finds all of you doing very well. So far this year I have enjoyed the best six months of my life since my son was born in February. He is now six months old and certainly keeps my wife and I very busy. I have also thoroughly enjoyed the last eight months sitting in the West and being allowed to serve as your Senior Warden. I would like to reissue my challenge to all of our members to become more involved with the lodge, and enjoy all the benefits that come with being a member. We continue to grow as a lodge with degree work continuing this fall and more interest being shown in joining the fraternity every week. The interest of others in joining the lodge is magnified when they show up to dinner on our stated and there are 50 brothers enjoying a meal, telling stories and just enjoying our time with one another. As we move into 2014 we will have a need, not a want, but a need in the lodge to assist with cooking meals, setting up the lodge, and assisting with degree work. I would strongly encourage anyone with any interest in increasing their participation level to notify one of the principal officers.

I look forward to seeing everyone at September’s stated!


Jim Lofton, SW

From the Secretary


As the NC Grand Lodge Annual Communication approaches, hopefully each of you have had an opportunity to review the proposed amendments to the CODE which will be voted on by your principal officers. Should you have a strong opinion on any of these, please make this known to the Master or Wardens.


Amendment 1 fixes a loophole in the endowed membership program whereby lodges were losing potential income.

Amendment 2 would raise member per capita from $17 to $20.

Amendment 3 revisits allowing rental clients to have alcohol in lodge facilities (not lodge rooms).

Amendment 4 & 5 would allow past DDGM’s and DDGL’s to purchase their aprons with alterations signifying ’past’.

Amendment 6 would change the vote requirement for life membership from unanimous to ’no more than 3 cubes’.

Amendment 7 would establish a minimum dues amount at $200.

Amendment 8 will be a straw vote allowing business to be conducted in a First or Second Degree lodge.

Amendment 9 addresses disposal of assets should a Masonic Association go defunct.

Amendment 10 would change the naming of Directors for the NC Masonic Foundation.

Many thanks to those of you who were able to join us for Brother Tim Pope and Worshipful Brother Dave Morgan’s Service Award presentation. Also, a huge thank you to WB Bob Braswell who made the presentations. These presentations are very impressive, and quite meaningful to our Brothers who achieve these recognition levels, as well as to their family and friends.

Please take a look at the upcoming dates on page 2. The Fall seems packed with all things Masonic including activities with the York and Scottish Rites, the Grand Lodge, MHCO and our Barbecue. Please plan to join us for fellowship if you are able.


Mike Hamrick, PM