Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC – October 2013

From the East


I can’t believe its October already. This year has really flown by, and now it’s fall. So many things have happened this year, both good and bad, and we still have more to look forward to as well.

Grand Lodge 2013

This past weekend was the annual Grand Lodge held in Winston-Salem. This was my 3rd year in attendance, but my 1st where I was able to join in the Lodge opening on Friday morning, and stay until the Lodge closed Saturday afternoon. So much was discussed, so many brothers in attendance, and it was a real honor and a learning experience as well. We’ll talk more about this at our October Stated Communication, so no need to go too much into detail. But what I did want to mention is how overwhelming it was to be a part of the much greater good that Masonry is.

There were over 1,100 brothers in attendance, and even though most all of us have never met each other, it was one close knit community. Sure, we had different opinions, different ideas, and I also overheard a couple of sports rivalries, but all in all, one big family!

Friday evening, when the day’s activities had ended, large groups of Mason’s were gathered in many different areas. A group sat outside and talked sports. Another group was gathered around the hotel’s fireplace, and many more were scattered about in the restaurant, lobby, and elsewhere. Mason’s from all walks of life discussing ideas, and embodying the idea of who can best work and best agree.

The Grand Lodge is open to all Mason’s, and I encourage any and all to attend if you get the chance. And one thing that I did learn, is that even the best of the best can make mistakes and get tongue tied during the rituals. So brethren, we are all on the same level.


Kai Ferell – Master

From the West


Several members of James K. Polk Lodge have started a drive to collect new or gently used costumes and candy (store bought, individually wrapped) for the Masonic Home for Children at Oxford. Items will be collected until Friday, 10/25 and will be delivered to the home on Saturday, 10/26. Should you wish to donate, either drop items off at the lodge either at the 10/8 Stated or the 10/15 FC Degree between 6:00pm and 7:30pm, or contact Kelly Keiter at 704-905-3303 ([email protected]) to schedule pick up or drop off outside of these dates/times.


Amazingly brothers our year is quickly drawing to a close, and as we approach Halloween our thoughts begin to turn to elections and the ensuing year of 2014. We are one of the oldest lodges in NC, and I would love nothing more than to see as many members as are able attend our November stated when the newest round of officers will be elected. I have been so privileged to serve as one of your officers the last 6 years, and I would strongly encourage anyone who has ever considered joining the officers line to express an interest and let it be known. It has been so fulfilling and I have benefited so much that I would love to see others take on the challenge of becoming part of the leadership of our wonderful lodge. We continue to bring new brothers into the lodge and it is important that they see the leadership working to better the lodge as we all should. Let’s use our October stated to spread the word about how great our lodge is and make an effort to have a record turnout for our November stated. I look forward to seeing all my brothers in a few weeks.


Jim Lofton, SW

From the Secretary


What a privilege it was to attend the NC Grand Lodge Annual Communication. This has become a bit of a homecoming for me, as I find that I am able to renew friendships that have been made over the last five years, and develop new friendships with other Masons from throughout North Carolina. There were 1,000 strong in attendance, including myself, WM Kai Ferell and SW Jim Lofton. While I know that Brother Lofton will be delivering an update on the proceedings at our upcoming Stated Communication, I did happen to run across some observations made by another Brother in attendance, as well as added comments by others.

“I listened while approximately 1,000 masons said the Pledge of Allegiance in unison. It sounded like the voice of a giant and I was a mouse. It sounded like the voice of 5000 military men preparing for a march into battle. It was strong and stern. I then listened while a young teenage girl spoke to us. Her voice trembled while she spoke. She let us know how nervous she was and we spoke aloud to comfort her. She told of her time at the Children’s Home in Oxford, NC and how well taken care of she had been. She spoke to Grand Master Dewey Preslar on how he had impacted her life. As she struggled to speak through her tears, I watched as many of the strong and stern voices I had heard a few minutes earlier wiped away their own tears. This is why I joined.”

Another added: “I’m not ashamed to admit that I was one of those with tears rolling down my cheeks.”

It was a powerful and rewarding experience for me…


Mike Hamrick, PM