Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC – August 2013

From the East


It was wonderful seeing everyone in attendance at our recent 1st degree. Brother Steve Porter sat in the East and did an excellent job! It’s great to see new candidates start their Masonic journey. To this day I still remember going through my 1st degree and how nervous I was. There were five of us that night, and all of us looking just as lost as the next one! Unfortunately, as is the case with many lodges, two of us dropped out within a year, but the remaining three stayed the course and became devoted Masons. WB Brad Hufeld, WB Ralph Harkey, and I all started our journey together, and have remained close ever since.

As the year progresses on, there will be more opportunities for us to gather and share in brotherhood. I urge all that can to come out and support our new candidates, support each other at our monthly stated communications, and help support our charities during our fund raisers. We are after all, part of a greater good


Kai Farell – Master

From the West


It was very exciting to have our first candidate in quite a while go through his first degree the other week. I know that he will be a good brother for our lodge and I look forward to helping him continue on his journey through the degrees. That being said, we will be scheduling a second degree for our newest brother in late August or early September. I would like to remind all brothers that the experience a candidate has during his time in the three degrees will stick with him for the rest of his life. I know men who have been masons for five years and some who have been a part of this fraternity for 50 years, and I can tell you that all of them remember every degree in every detail. I would ask that as many brothers as possible make every effort to join us once the date for the degree is announced. We have no excuse for not making an indelible impression on each and every candidate who comes through our lodge. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about how you can help put on our second degree in late August or September.


Jim Lofton, SW

From the Secretary


I first want to thank those of you who contributed following the publication of the Masonic Home for Children’s Needs List in the June Trestleboard. On July 24, I traveled to Oxford with my Honda Pilot full, front to back, side to side and floor to ceiling, with items that you had brought to the Lodge and checks in hand. I met Brother Kevin Otis, the new MHCO Administrator and after recruiting some assistance from staff and a couple of resident boys, we unloaded everything into a conference room in the Administration building. The over $1,000.00 worth of household items and checks totaling $600.00 were appreciatively received. Thank you Phalanx for your support of the children and youth at our home.

Please make note of the upcoming calendar dates. We have scheduled our second Service Awards Presentation for Tuesday, August 27. Please plan to attend this milestone event for our Brothers who have reached one of the three plateaus (25, 50 and 60 years) formally recognized by the Grand Lodge with a certificate and token. Please feel free to invite family and friends as this is one of only a few Masonic ceremonies that non-Masons are able to attend and witness.

Finally Brothers, we still have yet to receive a 2013 dues payment from over 10% of our members. This has the potential to place a significant financial strain on the Lodge. I urge those of you who are finding it difficult to contact the Master, Secretary or Junior Warden (Chair of the Member Retention Committee) to discuss your situation. Final delinquency notices have now been mailed, and NPD exclusions will be voted on at the November Stated Communication.


Mike Hamrick, PM