Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC – May 2015

From the East


This spring has been pacing nicely with three new Master Masons being raised (all three are pressing onward learning their Master Mason catechism), a rising Fellow Craft in the wings, word of more peti-tions to come, and we are also very close to full funding of our MHC project. Two of our brothers at-tended the Scottish Rite spring reunion and are now processing their experiences while receiving the John Harder, PM 4th through the 32nd degrees. Those who are already members, and those who wish to join Oasis Shriners, the next Ceremonial is the first weekend in June (5th-7th) in Maggie Valley, NC.

Plan on joining us for our May 12th Stated when we will receive our DDGL & DDGM on their official visit to our lodge. Mean-time, do you know someone you think would make a good Mason? Bring them to dinner at our next meeting!

Please remember our brothers who need your prayers and support, also keep our nation in your prayers and thoughts – it appears we are entering trying times.


John Harder – Master

From the South


I have almost finished reading THE PILLARS of the EARTH a rather long book (973 pages) by Ken Follett.

The book is well written and easy to read. The story is line weaves around a fictional family of Operative Masons involved in building homes and cathedrals in the 12th Century (1123-1174). The book traces the lives, trials and tribulations of several generations of a family of masons through what was a very brutal time in English history. The book is a very interesting depiction of the life of kingly royalty Junior Warden

and lesser nobility, priests, merchants and peasants during that time and depicts how masons fit into the culture. Master Masons of those days were the architects and engineers of the building projects that they supervised and were responsible for designs on the trestleboard (often drawn on the ground) as well as for supervising the workmen and obtaining the building materials. I highly recommend THE PILLARS of the EARTH for its very interesting depiction of our early operative Masonic ancestry!

Follett also wrote a sequel, WORLD WITHOUT END, which spans the years 1327 to 1361. Both of the books cover time peri-ods before Speculative Masonry came about. Follett has announced that he is working on a third book in the series. It will be interesting to see if this third book is set in the 1700s and whether or not it introduces the origin of Speculative Masonry.

FYI: If you are interested, Julias Cafe and Books at Restore over on Wendover Road has or had several used copies of Follett’s books in very nice condition and at very reasonable prices (less than $5.00).

Past Master Masonic Lodge Charlote NC


Rocky Boyle – JW, PM

From the Secretary


We have been pretty busy so far this year, and the near future promises to keep us at least as busy.

While a number of dates have not yet been nailed down, stay tuned for the upcoming dates for all of the following: Entered Apprentice Degree, Fellowcraft Degree, Lecture Service (officers required to at-tend) and the first of two Service Awards presentations for those reaching their 25, 50 or 60 year membership milestones (we have 13 Brothers who will be eligible this year).

Please note that your 2015 dues were payable by January 1, 2015. We’ve received dues payments from 240 of our 276 members, with some still coming in each week. I am mailing out dues cards within a day or two of receiving payment, so the date on your current dues card should indicate whether or not you are in good standing with the Lodge.

We also hope to begin our first fundraiser soon, with the sale of AutoBell vouchers. Available for $16.00 (the price of their Full Service Wash), the Lodge retains $8.00 of every voucher sold.


Mike Hamrick, PM