Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC – June 2015

My Brothers,

What? We are nudging the midway point on this year? Already? The school year is ending, vacations are in the offing for some and the heat is on. Please keep our nation, its weather embattled regions, and our fraternity in your prayers. We have entered hurricane season, so in light of memories of Hurricane Hugo and in the face of so much uncertainty from other factors nationwide, have your emergency preparations in order. HAVE A PLAN.

Proper deportment. Brethren, remember who and what you are as you travel, for you have no idea who may be watching at work, church, and yes – even in traffic. Different things or issues may spark an interest in our fraternity, and any meeting with another man could become a rich discussion leading him to the lodge. I recently met a young man who had been circling the fringes of Freemasonry on the internet for information. He saw my ring, and began asking those questions he had asked years ago of his grandfather. His grandfather told him he would need to wait until he was older for those answers. Through the years, he became the proud owner of his grandfather’s apron, jewels, Bible, and the questions that were never answered. He is now learning the truth about our fraternity and what his grandfather held so precious. When he is ready, I will be proud to sign his petition as I am sure his grandfather would have wanted to do himself.

Ah, to degree work! We have a Fellow Craft degree coming up quickly so make preparations to attend and help where you can. We also anticipate a fast turnaround for an Entered Apprentice degree.


John Harder, PM – Master

A significant group of passionate Masons are coming together to create what aims to be nothing less than the premier North American research society in Freemasonry. Called simply The Masonic Society, they are gathering together brothers who have a deep and abiding desire to seek knowledge, explore history, discover symbolism, debate philosophies, and in short, who will be at the forefront of charting a path for the future of Freemasonry.

As a student of Freemasonry, you are invited to join with them in the formation of this
exciting organization.

Their name, The Masonic Society, intentionally alludes to the Royal Society, the innovative organization of visionary men who were at the forefront of the Age of Enlightenment, many of whom were present at the formation of what became modern Freemasonry. Likewise, the new Society will be at the forefront of a new age of Freemasonry, and we intend to be a vibrant, active community within the fraternity. The goal of The Masonic Society is not just to look backward at the history of Freemasonry, but to foster the intellectual, spiritual and social growth of the modern Masonic fraternity. To that end, The Masonic Society extends the hand of assistance and cooperation to individual Masonic research lodges in North America. It is the desire of The Masonic Society to be a partner with these lodges, to give their members the regular opportunity to publish their papers for an international audience, and to publicize their activities. The Masonic Society is also forging a special relationship with those bodies that meet annually during Masonic Week, as well as the Grand Encampment, Knights Templar and the George Washington Masonic National Memorial Association. While not designed as a York Rite-specific research group, The Masonic Society encourages examination of this branch of Freemasonry.

– More information available at – note that there is a fee for membership) –

Chris Crump, SW


We have begun our spring fundraiser and I invite you to participate.

As in the last several years, we have Autobell carwash vouchers available for their Full Service Wash ($15.99 value). The Lodge will retain half (can you donate another penny and we’ll just say $8.00?) to go to our two Masonic charities, Whitestone and the Masonic Home for Children. I don’t know of another charitable fundraising effort that requires much less than selling a voucher for a service that someone may already be getting on a regular basis, or perhaps you can use as a gift or incentive.

Do you, or someone you know, get regular washes already? Would you be willing to prepay the lodge what you will pay at the store location, and have half of that purchase go to our charity? If you usually get a higher value service, you need only present the voucher and difference in cash at the location (ex: + $3.00 for the Super Wash) in order to get that service. How about using one or more as a gift for someone who takes a particular pride in their vehicle? These vouchers have no expiration date. If you attend lodge, I will have these with me. If you are not able to for some reason, I would be glad to mail these to you if you’ll simply drop a check in the mail (payable to Phalanx Lodge, address on page 1) noting carwash on the memo line.

Mike Hamrick, PM