Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC – April 2015

From the East

My Brothers,

Spring has arrived, and while the Bradford pears and cherry trees parade their finery, Phalanx lodge is also adding some flair. By our next stated meeting, we will have a new team of Master Masons and a rising Fellow Craft. The Spring School of Instruction was well attended, and speaking of that: a heartfelt “Thank You” goes out to brothers in Excelsior 261, Matthews 461,Temple 676, Charles M. Setzer 693, Steele Creek 737, Mint Hill 742, James K. Polk 759, & Knights of Solomon 764 who opened their hearts and wallets and contributed liberally toward a special project in which we are all now involved. A wonderful gift for many that will be unveiled later in the year.

Our Grand Master’s official visit was well attended at West Gate #738 marking the close of March. Meantime, we are anticipating a Second Degree fairly soon, and are readying ourselves for several more key dates and events you wil see elsewhere in this publication.

Haven’t been to lodge in a while? Why not? Can’t remember the pass? Come on back and let’s reacquaint you with your brethren. We’d love to see you again.

Practice! It is necessary for proficiency in the lodge and for degree work. Let’s keep it up. If you would like to become involved in degree work, let any of the officers know and we will get you started. See you in lodge.


John Harder – Master

From the Secretary


Please make sure to mark your calendar for the upcoming Master Mason Degree on Saturday, April 11, and plan to join us as we help our three Brothers to advance one step further toward Masonic Light. Also, should you desire to participate in any upcoming degree work, please join us on upcoming Tuesday evenings at 7:00pm at our practices….we have a role for you if you so desire.

In the past month or so, I’ve had an opportunity to speak with a number of our Brothers or their families…many relating the status of the Brother in terms of health, and I’ve passed along these updates at our meetings. I do want to ask that those who receive this publication, whether a Brother or a Brother’s family, please keep in touch with the Lodge regarding health. At the very least we can offer concern and prayers. We’ve unfortunately already had five of our Brothers travel to that undiscovered country this year, several of whom had requested Masonic Rites as a part of their Memorial Service.

And speaking of Masonic Rites, which is very moving and a beautiful homage, I hope to include a Masonic Last Rites Request Form in a future Trestleboard for your consideration.


Mike Hamrick, PM