Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC – January 2015

From the East


We begin a new year, and with it we should all renew our interest, reflect on our journey thus far, and buff our pride in our fraternity. Read a book on Freemasonry, watch a video, and never stop learning. Not one of us is here by accident. We have made commitments to each other and to ourselves so, we should know with certainty WHO WE ARE as Freemasons. I urge you to take part John Harder, PM in practices, in degree work, and to research our rich history. Labor of this type will afford you a wealth of Masonic knowledge, much like a study of apologetics of your faith – you will KNOW who you are and to what you are committed. I recently fielded online comments critical of our organization and in preparing my response, did some background work and gave a measured retort showing the criticism to be devoid of merit.

The research allowed me to remove emotion from the exchange, added to my knowledge and afforded great satisfaction at being a member of this Grand Fraternity.

I am proud to know each of you and look forward to 2015 to see what we will experience this year.


John Harder – Master

From the South


Degree Practice — What a Drag!

Actually it should be Degree Practice — What a Great Opportunity!!! Practice is an opportunity for all the participants conferring the degree to polish their skills in the degree before conferring the degree on a candidate or brother progressing through the degrees. While repeatedly practicing the ritual several times may seem burdensome, it is an opportunity to for those conferring the degree to increase their knowledge and appreciation of an integral part of Masonic the ritual.

It is not enough for a brother who will participate in conferring a degree say to themselves, “I know my part so I don’t need attend or participate in practice.” Practice involves an exchange of questions and answers between the brothers conferring the degree, and it helps immensely if both parties are there. Practice also provides the degree team the opportunity to rehearse and perfect the floor movements involved in con-ducting the candidate or, at times, the candidates. Practices are most effective when as many of the brothers conferring the degree are present to participate. Maybe if all or at least the majority of the degree team were present for a practice we wouldn’t need a many practices.

A practice can also be an opportunity for a brother who is going through the degrees to see and hear the interchanges and any explanations of a degree that has already been conferred on him. I don’t like practices much either, but if I can learn my part better or better yet help someone else learn their part by participating in the exchanging of ritual Q and A’s, I feel it is my obligation to be there.

Past Master Masonic Lodge Charlote NC


Rocky Boyle – JW, PM

From the Secretary


I believe that we begin 2015 in very good shape. We closed the books on 2014 in the black, we have three Brothers on their journey through the degrees, currently as Entered Apprentices (with their Fellow Craft degree scheduled later this month) and one candidate awaiting his Entered Apprentice Degree, presumably sometime in February. We can be grateful to Worshipful Brother James Lofton for his leadership in 2014 and there seems to be a great sense of energy and enthusiasm with Worshipful Brother John Harder and the 2015 officers.

Please note that your 2015 dues were payable by January 1, 2015. We’ve received dues payments from 155 of our 280 members, with more coming in each day. I am mailing out dues cards within a day or two of receiving payment, so the date on your current dues card should indicate whether or not you are in good standing with the Lodge.

Brothers, we are very active and have any number of opportunities for you to connect with and get involved in the Lodge. I hope that you will consider attending and participating. As WB Harder said in his note this month…”You never stop learning”, and one of the best ways for you to continue your Masonic journey, is to get involved.


Mike Hamrick, PM