Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC – Feb 2015

From the East

My Brothers,

We recently had a most excellent Fellow Craft degree led by WB Jim Lofton. Brother Bill Stout is to be commended for his beautiful debut performance of the Staircase & ‘G’ Lecture and Charge in the degree. Meantime, those of us taking part in the degrees stay sharp, we have another F/C, an E/A and a M/M degree coming up quickly as we march toward Spring. If you are not yet part of the degree teams and would like to be, let us know and we’ll make it so. Participation keeps you on point and exercises those little gray cells.

I have heard from some of you who would like to have a speaker or two join us for a Stated each quarter. Thus far, we are on course to have a short talk from a CMPD lieutenant on the state of law enforcement here in the Queen City. He will also entertain questions. I have a couple of other Brothers in mind for similar presentations later in the year from their fields of excellence. Let me know if there is an issue you would like to hear discussed.

So, (think about this) how do YOU respond to one of the leading, long-term ‘criticisms’ of our grand fraternity? I have been confronted with the issue several times and those espousing this belief are stunned by the real answer. Is there any basis for what they have been told? We will shine the light of truth and deal with this issue during our next Stated meeting. Be there.


John Harder – Master

From the Secretary


With four men currently pursuing the degrees in Masonry, our early months of 2015 promise to be quite busy. Please consider reconnecting with your Lodge if you have not attended Lodge in a while and you are still in the area. We would love to see you. Remember that lodge is to be a “sacred retreat of friendship and virtue” and an escape from the outside world for just a few minutes a month and not necessarily a choice between weights on your cable tow.

We have received a 2015 dues payment from about 64% of our members (this is about 10 payments behind this time last year). Please note that the official delinquency notice is required to be mailed by March 1.

If you do not have a 2015 dues card, or have not received (or mis-placed) your dues payment, please let me know. I will be glad to make a call or drop a note in the mail to you. It would be great to only have to mail a handful of notices this year.


Mike Hamrick, PM