Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC – Dec 2014

From the East


this year for me has been one of the most exciting, humbling, enriching, challenging and most of all FUN experiences of my life. I have loved serving our great lodge this year as Master, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciated your trust and faith in me to lead. This has been an exciting year of degree work, fellowship and fundraising with quite a few new brothers raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason, and three candidates currently on their path to Fellowcraft. This year has gone by very quickly, and I have enjoyed every minute of it. There was a degree that got snowed out, only to turn into an impromptu dinner for about 20 brothers on a very cold and snowy night in February, to a terrific Saturday morning in October spent with about a dozen brothers chopping and preparing BBQ for sale. We even saw the selection of one of our own, WB John Caudle to become our newest DDGM for the next three years. The support that has been given to me this year has been tremendous, and I couldn’t have gotten through it without the help of many, but one specifically I would like to thank is our secretary WB Mike Hamrick. Mike plays an integral part in keeping the lodge on track and making sure that proverbial wheels of the lodge don’t fall off! If you have the opportunity please take time to thank Mike for all he does. I leave you in the very capable hands of WB John Harder, and I look forward to all that we will accomplish in the coming year! Thank you again for the opportunity to serve as master of this lodge during 2014!


Jim Lofton – Master

From the West


Greetings from the West …

My Brothers, I am honored you chose me as Master of Phalanx #31 for 2015. Thank you for your confidence. I hope we will have a good year – speaking of that, a rather huge ‘atta-boy’ and ‘Thank You’ to WM Jim Lofton who weathered a busy year in the East and made it look easy. My brother, it’s time to coast a bit – but not too far away! Meantime, let me hear from each of you regarding your interests for next year. I have been considering inviting speakers for short talks/discussions on various subjects we experience in our lives, and would like to get your take on what you would like. Preparedness, health, finances, construction/operative masonry, whatever. Our lives and experiences are so varied we could fill a year just learning about US. It looks like we may have a challenging year ahead on several fronts, so give it some thought and we’ll form a plan. I look forward to seeing you at our December Stated on the 9th and at our awards and installation evening the 16th.


John Harder, SW

From the Secretary


As we near the end of yet another year, I want to first wish you all a very Happy Holiday season.

I do want to note the results of the November election of Officers for those of you who were not able to be present. The following were elected to their respective stations and places for 2015:

Worshipful Brother John S. Harder – Master

Brother Chris W. Crump – Senior Warden

Worshipful Brother Rocky Boyle – Junior Warden

Worshipful Brother Neil Crossley – Treasurer

Worshipful Brother Mike Hamrick – Secretary

Worshipful Brothers John Harder and Ralph Linn – Trustees.

Appointed Officers include:

Bill Stout – Sr. Deacon

Michael Davis – Jr. Deacon

Robert Thomson – Sr. Steward

Steve Jones – Jr. Steward

WB Dave Morgan – Chaplain

WB Mack Wilson – Tyler.

There are two more events scheduled before years end, the December 9th Stated Communication and the December 16th combined Service Awards Presentation and 2015 Officer Installation. We would love to see you at both of these. The Service Awards presentation and Officer’s Installation are two of very few Masonic rituals which non-Masons can witness. Please feel free to invite family and friends as we honor our Brothers who have reached their milestone 25, 50 or 60th year, and as we install our 2015 Officers. Also for consideration, should you have a friend who you believe would benefit from, and be a benefit to, our fraternity, this ceremony might be one of our more impactful introductions to Masonry.

Lastly, 2015 dues payments are coming in…should you not yet have dropped that in the mail, please queue it up among your next checks to be written.


Mike Hamrick, PM