Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC – January 2020

From the East

Hello my Brothers,

It is an honor to sit in the East for the 2020 year! Welcome to the next decade — 2019 is behind us. As the year came to a close I was reminded that the decade was closing as well.

We have seen many changes over the last 10 years. The only constant is change from
the use of technology, daily flux of population, a generation taking the reins from the
past and on and on. My simple observations are expanded as I read and explore with others who have spent decades in front of me and those who make a profession from research.

If you wanted to take a look from a research perspective check the link to the pew research center on what they are saying about change in the last ten years.

The new year gives us all the power to start again with new hopes and goals, let’s make some progress in the three we pledged to support – Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth.

I look forward to seeing you at the lodge.


Chris Leuck – Master

From the West

Greetings from the West!

January starts a new Masonic year and a new beginning.

But First let me offer my thanks. I am most grateful for your confidence in allowing me to be your Senior Warden for 2020. Under Worshipful Chris’ leadership, and with the help of our past Masters, mentors and great members of Phalanx Lodge #31, I know we all can achieve numbers of great things in store, like our goals of retaining members, revitalizing attendance and hopefully increasing new membership this year.

Let us all remember this year, the reasons why we became Masons. In a millennium of ever-increasing demands for our time, we reflect on just how much of a “Safe Haven” the Lodge is, for our hearts and minds. We can come to the Lodge and leave the pressures of the day, the week , the month behind, and with the company of our truly caring Brothers, share fellowship and camaraderie with men of like minds The impersonal world is desperate for some sort of relief, kindness, and true friendship, such as we enjoy.

Hope to see you more in our lodge.

Happy New Year!

Jeffrey Ordonio, SW

From the Secreary


Please note that your 2020 dues were payable by January 1, 2020. We’ve received dues payments from 103 of our 214 members, with more coming in each day. I am mailing out dues cards within a day or two of receiving payment, so the date on your current dues card should indicate whether or not you are in good standing with the Lodge. Should you not have received your dues notice in November, please contact me so that I can correct that oversight.

Brothers, we are very active and have any number of opportunities for you to connect with and get involved in the Lodge. I hope that you will consider attending and participating.

Mike Hamrick, PM