Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC – Feb 2021

From the East

Worshipful Master Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC

Greetings from the East,

Brothers I pray that you and your families are well. I have been anxiously awaiting the return to the lodge. We have our February stated next Tuesday and hope to see you there. We are following safe practices and requiring members to adhere to the guidelines of our Grand Lodge.

We have two candidates who wish to join our brotherhood and plan to hold a fist degree in the coming month or so. Please join us if you are able to.

As always I look forward to seeing you in the lodge soon.

Past Master Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC


Chris Lueck – Master

From the West

Senior Warden Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC

I hope this finds everyone well during these difficult times. The good news is by order of the Grand Master we are again able to meet in the Lodge and have been practicing. We have two men who are waiting to undergo the Entered Apprentice degree which will hopefully happen in the next few months. I look forward to seeing everyone soon.

Nick Voelker, SW

From the South

Junior Warden Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC

Greetings from the South!

Welcome back to your Masonic Lodge.

Due to the deadly Covid 19 virus, we have suffered through quarantines, closed lodge buildings, etc. I am pleased to say that we are back, although with a scaled down version of our normal lodge. Several of us are striving to learn new chairs and places. In the very near future, we will have the opportunity to initiate two gentlemen into our fraternity. We could use your help to put on the degree work and to impress these men with what Freemasonry is all about

Please come out to practices on Tuesday evenings if you are local, and help us fill the stations and places. We need YOU!

Sincerely and Fraternally,

Paul Parker, Junior Warden

From the Secretary

Secretary Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC


I am looking forward to seeing those who are planning to attend next week’s Stated Communication. As we prepare to resume meetings, please note that we will continue to follow the guidelines established by the Grand Master’s Order regarding limiting capacity, completion of the health questionnaire, and having PPE available.

Please note that your 2021 dues were payable by January 1, 2021. We’ve received dues
payments from many, but there are still more than 60 outstanding. I am mailing out dues cards within a day or two of receiving payment, so the date on your current dues card should indicate whether or not you are in good standing with the Lodge. Should you not have received your dues notice in November, please contact me so that I can correct that oversight.. The dues amount for regular members is $106.00 and for 50-year members, the amount due is $80.00. Please consider our masonic charities as well.

Past Master Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC

Mike Hamrick, PM