Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC – Sept 2017

From the East

Worshipful Master Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC


I have a couple questions for you…

Are you in line? When you get to the head of the line, will you then return to the end to start again? Will you continue to do this?

As you should be well aware, Texas and Louisiana are experience disaster of epic proportions. People have had their entire world thrown into chaos and it will take them years to recover. Homes and priceless personal property have been lost. Businesses impacted which impacts jobs. The list goes on and on.

As a father and husband, I put myself in any of those men’s place and ask myself, what would I do, how would I cope. Having endured the impact of a house fire that destroyed our house when I was a teenager, I have a little bit of an idea of what they will be going through. Being left with nothing but the clothes we were wearing and no bed to sleep in or food for dinner is a hard thing.

As I watched the coverage, I was struck by the lines. I saw lines of vehicles on the roads. I saw lines of people waiting for their turn.

But these were not people fleeing the floods. These were not people waiting for assistance.

These were lines of vehicles pulling boats to help in the rescue efforts. These were lines of people waiting for their assignment to help those needing the help of their fellow man.

While we can’t all get in those lines, there are other lines we can get in and continue returning to. One of those is contributing to the Masonic Service Association (MSA). Our Grand Secretary has sent out an appeal and you can contribute at

But, please remember that our brothers will need help when the news no longer covers the story. So get back in that line again and again. It doesn’t matter whether you contribute to the MSA, what does matter is that you contribute to their relief as generously as you can without injury to yourself.

Past Master Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC


Bill Stout – Worshipful Master, PM

From the Secretary

Secretary Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC


We enter the fall of the year with our calendar filling up as usual. Beyond the upcoming NC Grand Lodge Annual Communication, there are several things to look forward to as we begin to wind down the year. The Fall School of Instruction has been scheduled for Tue/Wed October 17 and 18, and we are hosting that Tuesday evening. There is the possibility of an Entered Apprentice Degree on October 24, and the annual BBQ sale has not yet had a date established. These will be followed by the election of 2018 officers at our November Stated, and an installation of those officers following that.

With all that is happening, can we count on you to help or attend?

We would love to see you in the Lodge.

Past Master Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC


Mike Hamrick, PM