Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC – October 2016

From the East


Finally – cooler weather prevails! We can breathe easy into autumn, but we have hit the busy season for our grand fraternity. There is a lot on our plate for the rest of the year.

Please avail yourself for upcoming degree work, fall school of instruction, Scottish Rite, Oasis Shriners, Honors for those who have put in many years in the quarries for Phalanx, lodge officer elections, and the holidays. The calendar is full … make your plans to join us!

My Brothers, recent events in our Queen City and the polarizing affect left in the wake of tragedy have high-lighted the need for what we hold dear among ourselves. The recent police involved fatal shooting in Charlotte was used to inflame disagreement and overshadowed lawful protests with violent and destructive riots.

Politics were in full play as the media took it upon itself to ‘try’ this case on television, further fanning the embers of discontent, paying little heed to objective reporting. The few reporters who attempted to remain objective and counsel balanced coverage were ignored until the truth supporting police could no longer be ignored.

There are reasons we obligate ourselves to be peaceable citizens, and to avoid political and religious entanglements within the lodge. Does this mean we aren’t to hold to our convictions? Absolutely not, but they aren’t to be THE basis upon which to relate to one another. We all come from differing lives to a place where we can agree on many things, and then to agree to disagree on others.

Our gentle craft has taken many of us over the years and tapped off some of our rough edges to make us better for the Builder’s use. This polishing process doesn’t change a stone’s properties, but brings orth its beauty and allows it to fit with others in exact nicety. Together they are stronger and become a part of something far greater than themselves.

See you in lodge!


Bill Stout – Worshipful Master, PM

From the West


Greetings from the West. Here we are with 2016 quickly coming to an end, in the quiet period be-tween summer and the fall holiday season that leads into the Christmas season and New Year.

We just returned from the Grand Lodge Annual Stated Communication – electing the new officers, voting on amendments to the code, and completing other Masonic business of the Grand Lodge. I’m sure you will hear more about this through the traditional channels, so I won’t go into any details here.

Several items of business there that have stuck with me in the days since then relate to Masons who have broken the oaths that they took.

The ideal Mason is one whose word is his bond; who can be depended upon to do what he undertakes to do; to be what he ought to be; who recognizes his obligations, not only to his fellows in Freemasonry, but to his brother man as well. To take a Masonic obligation is to declare allegiance to all Masonic principles, so that he may be accepted as a responsible member of the family of Masons. I accept you, you accept me, because we have knelt at the same altar, taken the same obligations, and are bound to the same service. Let the world rave and criticize as it will; it can never tear down the structure we have built which we call Brotherhood. (Designs Upon the TrestleBoard, Volume II) Our obligations should not be taken lightly. Years from now others will remember how well we kept our Word.


Bill Stout, SW

From the Secretary


WM Harder alluded to the fact that we are wrapping up 2016 with a pretty full calendar.

There are many opportunities for you to connect or reconnect with your Brothers, with the upcoming School of Instruction, the fall activities of two or our appendant bodies, our final Service Award evening for 2016 and our big fundraising event for the year, the November 5th Barbeque (we will need assistance both cooking on Friday and serving on Saturday).

Please plan to join us for any or all of these if you are available.

I was privileged to deliver the following at the September Stated Communication…it is a talk that was also presented in the lodge in March, 2015. Among my comments before the presentation last month, “If there are things that we all could afford to be reminded of on an annual basis, this may certainly be among them”.

More than one Brother suggested that it be included in a future issue of the Trestleboard, so I’ve included The Magic Bank Account below.


Mike Hamrick, PM