Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC – Nov 2016

From the East

My Brothers,

Does time really speed up toward the end of the year? Seems so. Be sure to pause and admire nature’s handiwork with the trees in full display preparing for winter’s dormancy. A color change is also underway with Halloween decorations being replaced with those for Christmas. (Don’t forget the Carolina Panthers Black & Blue in the mix this month for the MHC crew from Oxford!) We have lodge elections with this month’s stated meeting, and practices for a First Degree later this month for three men about to begin their journeys to the East. Speaking of elections, election-day falls on the same day as our Stated Communication. Be sure to vote at your polling place and in lodge.

My Brothers, our nation from the local to the national level appears to be in uncharted territory.

There remains a sea of divisiveness and occasional violence leading up to the local, state & national elections. Our leaders and the match-tossing established media don’t seem to be of any help in the matter. Will this tension fall away after November 8th? Don’t know. Law enforcement officials with whom I have spoken say that it could go either way. You and I learned from our first admission into the lodge that we are to be peaceable citizens.

We should be prepared for anything. Make sure you have provided some ‘camping supplies’ for you and your family in case we experience adventure for a few days. This would also include get-home supplies for your car, truck or SUV. This is not new. Historians say that cowboys, cavalry soldiers and explorers carried necessary items with them as well: Cowboys usually packed extra clothes, small personal items, food, & extra ammunition in a canvas bag referred to as a “war sack.” Cavalrymen were issued saddlebags in which they carried items such as currycomb & brush, a picket pin for staking out the horse, horseshoes and some horseshoe nails, some rations (food) and extra ammunition.

The deceptively simple directive many of us learned as scouts to “Be Prepared” will help you be self-sufficient and able to render assistance to others instead of searching for help should we experience a societal or weather related storms.

I look forward to seeing you in lodge – but that won’t happen unless you join us.


John Harder – Worshipful Master, PM

From the West


Greetings from the West! Election day is quickly approaching and will be here before we know it. To be clear, we will be voting in both the National Elections and for our Lodge Officers on the same day this year.

Voting is a Masonic Principal and one of our most important traditions is the secret ballot. There are many times in the lodge that the Master will call for a vote, calling for affirmation by the giving of the Masonic Sign. Other times, a secret ballot is called for and all members present are required to vote.

Is voting a Right? Responsibility? Privilege? You can get a different opinion depending on who you ask.

Why do we keep voting? It seems like our candidates never win and if they do, they disappoint us?

Is voting a Moral and Ethical issue? Should a person bae allowed to vote at all?

Is not voting another form of voting? By not voting, is a person saying they don’t like any of the choices?

Voting, as it turns out, is a VERY complex subject. Your views on it are most likely different than mine. Who you would vote for may not be who I would vote for. We may have different views on Judges, Mayors, Governors, Representatives, Senators, Presidents, ballot initiatives, etc.

However, one area that I hope that we agree is that your vote is just as important as mine.

Please take your Right, Responsibility, or Privilege seriously and make your voice heard.


Bill Stout, SW

From the Secretary


We near the end of another year, and continue with a lot of activity in the Lodge.

The November 8th Stated Communication will find us electing your 2017 officers.

We will follow with our largest fundraiser of the year for the Masonic charities, with the Cletus Fulp Bar-B-Q sale on Saturday, November 12th . We have a number of opportunities for you to help with this effort, whether chopping or setting up the dining area Saturday morning or helping to serve throughout the day, we could use your assistance.

We are preparing, at Tuesday night practices, for our November 22nd Entered Apprentice Degree for our three new candidates, and then will wrap up our year with the December 13th Stated and December 20th 2017 Officer’s Installation.

Please plan to join us if you are able.


Mike Hamrick, PM