Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC – May 2017

From the East

Worshipoful Master Masonc Lodge Charlotte NC


Greetings from the East! Time is flying and the year is now one third over. Even though Spring has barely begun it is now beginning to feel like Summer.

Brothers Ryan Jones and Nicholas Voelker were raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason on April 22 and we hope to see them frequently in Lodge. Their journey is just getting started.

On the same day, Brother John Dwelle travelled to that undiscovered country, from whose bourne no traveler returns. Being 102, Bro. Dwelle did not often attend Lodge anymore, but I had the pleasure of meeting him when he attended a Fellow Craft degree earlier this year.

When life feels heavy, Cyndy will tell me that she needs a Butterfly. As our numbers shrink, sometimes we too need a Butterfly. To have lost another Brother, I believe that our Butterfly was the addition of two new Master Masons into our fraternity. Our lives are checkered with both joys and sorrows.

On May 30, we will be recognizing and honoring our Brethren who have attained 25, 50, and 60 years of service. Please join us for this special evening.

As always, I look forward to seeing you in Lodge.


Bill Stout – Master

From the West

Senior Warden Masonc Lodge Charlotte NC

Greetings from the West my Brothers,

Hello my Brother! Our busy year is rolling by as we welcome two more Master Masons to our grand fraternity. Dare I remark that Worshipful Master Bill Stout was sublime in his first third degree conferral? I dare. He did great in both sections! Thank you also to our entire cast and guests who took part. Congratulations to Brother Nick Voelker and Brother Ryan Jones. Mean-time, if you are interested in taking part in the degrees, it’s time to get you on the floor and into action. Don’t worry that you may not know the work, we are happy to help you learn!

(after all, WE had to learn it too). Practices are Tuesday evenings at 7.

Conversations continue as to what should happen with our lodge building (refurbishment/elevator). Regardless of what the future holds, participation in the association to chart our property’s course has never been better. Remember, if you see something amiss in or around the lodge let the officers know so we can address the issues.

See you in lodge.

Past Master Masonc Lodge Charlotte NC


John Harder, SW, PM

From the South

Junior Warden Masonc Lodge Charlotte NC

Welcome to May Brothers,

It’s almost time to get out those bathing suits and enjoy some summer time activities as it gets warmer and warmer. I would like to take the opportunity to remind everyone not to forget to join us for our stated communications the second Tuesday of every month throughout the summer as well. As you all know there is a lot of business conducted at our stated communications that includes such items as voting on applications for degrees, approving our monthly budgets and voting on all matters concerning our lodge’s future. Our lodge has a storied past and we are putting together plans for our future and we would love to hear your opinions about how to proceed. We officers are elected by the lodge to serve and are grateful for the opportunity, but we also really appreciate your participation and input on how you would like to see the lodge managed and where you see us going in the future. The best way to do this is to attend our stated communications and participate. You’re always welcome to contact any of the officers, but I would encourage face to face communication as often as possible. I look forward to seeing you at our next stated on May the 9th.

Past Master Masonic Lodge Charlote NC


Jim Lofton – JW, PM

From the Secretary

Secretary Masonc Lodge Charlotte NC


Aside from our May 9 Stated, the Grand Master’s District Meeting is the following week at Long Creek Lodge. I need to RSVP with a number to that District meeting, so contact me no later the May 10 if you plan to attend. Finally, the first of our two Service Award presentation dates is May 30. I’ve heard from four of our 50-year eligible members and one of the 25-year members. Please plan to attend if you are able, and remember that this is only one of a few opportunities for non-Masons to witness a Masonic ceremony.

Past Master Masonc Lodge Charlotte NC


Mike Hamrick, PM