Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC – June 2017

From the East


Greetings from the East! Well the past month has been a busy one.

This was our year for a Lecture Service and we have completed that task with a great turn-out. WB Bob Braswell led the instruction with his usual wit and we had an enjoyable time learning the details of our ritual.

This month we also presented Service Awards to several of our members as well as a courtesy 60-year award for Brother Barry Thackston from South Carolina. Bro. Henry Graham was recognized for 25 years as a Mason in good standing. WB Bill Robertson, WB Butch Cowan, Bro. Richard Vinroot, and Bro. David Berryhill received recognition for 50 years as Masons in good standing. These are great achievements and it was my pleasure to sit in the East as WB Braswell presented our Brothers their pins.

Bro. Wilson Bro. Thackston Bro. Berryhill WB Cowan WB Robertson Bro. Graham Bro. Vinroot WM Bill Stout standing with Brothers representing 350 years of Masonic affiliation We also recognized, with a 65-year certificate, Bro. Arnold Wilson who will be leaving us shortly to move to Florida. Since I first petitioned Phalanx Lodge, Bro. Wilson has made me feel welcome and has always had a smile on his face and joy in his heart. He presented me a framed copy of The Lord’s Prayer which has since hung in my dining room wherever I have lived. As I told Bro. Wilson that night, he has been missed and he will be missed. We wish him the best as he makes this transition. Our next Stated Communication is on June 13 and we will be reviewing various amendments that will be voted on at Grand Lodge in September. I look forward to seeing you in Lodge.


Bill Stout – Master

From the West


The Senior Warden in the west represents Jachin, the pillar of Strength. The jewel is the Level. We meet on the level where we are all Entered Apprentices, Fellow Craft, or Master Masons as the event or proceeding indicates, and our strength comes from our core – our Character.

Infidel, Conservative, Liberal, Moderate, Centrist, Protestant, Catholic, Patriot, Terrorist, Racist, Useless Eater, Democrat, Republican, Socialist, Communist … ad nauseam … character appears to John Harder, PM have been replaced in society with labels. In an age when one in eight young adults cannot even change a lightbulb, but take part in riots, criminal and civil unrest while being unable to explain why, you had better know we are in trouble. Even the media cannot simply report the news, but works through thinly veiled editorializing to sway the opinions of the less aware.

As I survey the landscape here and abroad through practiced eyes from years in the (‘seasoned’) media, I cannot help but see a desperate need for more influence from our gentle craft. I applaud each of you for the lessons you have learned on your travels. Please consider how they can translate to your lives and those around you. Each of us should be a pillar of strength to our families, our vocations and our communities. The late USMC Lt. Colonel Jeff Cooper said it well with the title of one of his works: “To Ride, Shoot Straight & Speak the Truth.”

Speaking of positive character, our busy year continues!

See you in lodge.


John Harder, SW, PM

From the Secretary


The summer month meetings will provide opportunity for some much needed conversation. The Master has mentioned the proposed CODE amendments, but we also must discuss the fact that the 2017 lodge budget reflected a small deficit. CODE requires that lodges establish a dues level which supports the operating expenses of the lodge. Please join us as you are able, for we have some important decisions to make moving forward.


Mike Hamrick, PM