Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC – May 2014

From the East

Greetings Brothers!

Brothers we have a lot going on in May and it should make for an exciting month. I would ask that as many brothers as possible attend our May stated as we will be electing a Senior Warden to fill the post for the rest of the year. We will also be holding a service award night on May the 27th for several brothers receiving service awards. We will also honor our military veterans that night with a certificate presentation to all present who have received one from the Grand Lodge.

We look forward to seeing you all for these two dates in May. We will continue to be active during the early part of June with a Saturday morning third degree. We don’t have a date set yet for this event, but it will be sure to be a great event! We had discussed doing some sort of a spring festival fundraiser , but with time slipping away, and no one to take the reins it looks like we may not be able to bring it all together. We will still be doing our Autobell tickets that we do in the spring though. I do look forward to seeing everyone soon and hope that many of you will be able to attend our May stated.


Jim Lofton – Master

From the South

Hello Brethren,

First I would like to say I am thankful that our local area was not impacted by the tragic storms that ripped through the western parts of our state and destroyed areas of Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana. I believe that we should all keep those people in our prayers. Their lives have likely been for-ever changed by these storms. Remember brothers, that things can change at a moments notice, and I believe that tragedies such as this point out the value of our fraternal ties and friendships. So please reach out to other brothers … try to encourage them to visit the lodge more often and remember if anyone of you need anything please don’t hesitate to call me.


Chris Crump – JW

From the Secretary


As you read above in the Master’s message, our May Stated Communication will be quite busy. We look forward to seeing you in the Lodge.

I find that I run across a number of unusual tidbits of information or even pictures or videos in my almost daily Masonic research. I had seen these two images before, but not really taken time to look at some of the detail. Many of us will remember that Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble were members of the Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes Lodge No. 26 (ironically, the Elks may have been named the Buffalo had the votes been different). As we have three Fellowcraft working now toward their catechism, I seem a little more ‘tuned’ to that degree and it’s lectures, charge and signs. If you’ll look carefully, while presumably a Water Buffalo and not an AF&AM, the square and compasses configuration on Fred’s apron might suggest he is also a Fellowcraft. Of note, is that the voice of Barney, Mel Blanc (“The Man of a Thousand Voices”), was a Mason, member of Mid Day Lodge #188 in Oregon, and an Al Malaikah Shriner. By the way…both of these images are ‘doctored’ and not from the actual cartoon.


Mike Hamrick, PM