Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC – March 2016

From the East


A dusting of snow, some ice and now we are leaning toward Spring and with it, a busy season.

Plan on joining us for our Entered Apprentice degree March first, when three men will begin their Masonic journey, then a month later our first Saturday morning Master Mason Degree will be held for two brothers on April 2nd. Plan on joining us for both degrees – your cable tow has been tugged.

Our congratulations to Charlotte York Rite and the rather large class of Companion Knights from the recent Festival.

Charlotte Scottish Rite has a Reunion scheduled in April, and Oasis Shrine has a Ceremonial in June. If any brother needs an application for either, let us know.

Meantime, the investigations continue into January’s planned attack on Milwaukee’s Humphrey Scottish Rite Center, where a young man was arrested before his plans could unfold. The suspect, who was indicted on three federal charges, told agents he planned the mass shooting saying: “They are playing the world like a game.” Again, our appreciation goes out to the officers and agents who stopped the plans. There has been no word on any others with similar ideas, but this does not mean we should relax our awareness for our gentle craft. Be safe and like a scout, always be pre-pared.


John Harder – Worshipful Master, PM

From the West


Greetings from the West.

Sometimes it seems that our problems of today will last forever. Well, here we are, January is past and now we are into February. As we started the year, it seemed such a long time, but here it is 1/12 over. If we break it down into manageable chunks, it passes so quickly. It passes quickly when we look at the big picture. When we focus on the moment, if it isn’t good, it seems to last forever. How ironic that the good times pass so quickly and the bad seem to last forever.

We are all on similar journeys, having a good idea of how that journey will end. We should try to enjoy the journey, for isn’t that the point?

As Entered Apprentices, we were given the 24 inch Gauge to learn to divide our time. Don’t forget to make use of some of that time to look around and appreciate what you have.

We are all traveling on that Level Of Time From Whose Bourne No Traveler Returns. Enjoy the Journey.


, SW

From the Secretary


The article in this month’s Trestleboard is entitled Freemasonry Facts. I have found that there are times when we might be asked about our fraternity,

and perhaps have a little bit of difficulty trying to explain just what it is. It is my hope that this article containing some facts, quotes and a listing of some or our more recognizable Brothers, might just provide a primer in explaining our fraternity to an inquisitive friend. And who knows, this might just help that person decide that they too, want to be part of what we enjoy.

Finally Brothers, you’ll note the upcoming important dates on the next page. We are thankful to be quite busy, and would love to see you in the Lodge.


Mike Hamrick, PM