Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC – Feb 2016

From the East


February is out of the box with two of our brothers receiving their Fellow Craft degree on the 2nd. This means a Saturday morning Master Mason Degree will be soon, and it looks like we may be on path for three more young men to be initiated in the very near future. Brother Bill Stout has been doing great work from the East! Again, I remind those of you who would like to take John Harder, PM part in the degrees – we practice each Tuesday at 7pm (unless we have a stated meeting or degree on the schedule). Brothers who have played various parts in any or all of the degrees dust off your memories, those who would like to learn a part let’s get cracking! We will need everyone on deck this winter into spring.

So-o-o-o, has it been a while since you have been in lodge? Can’t quite recall protocol? Not sure if you would recognize your brothers? Come join us (truth be told, we could all use a little coaching now and again.) I have received text messages, emails and a few telephone calls from those concerned about recent publicized events in Milwaukee, where a 23-year-old man was arrested while allegedly preparing to attack a Masonic temple. Remember, we are a fraternity – not a religion, but not everyone understands this. We should all be mindful of our deport-ment in public (even while driving with Masonic symbols on our vehicles) and watchful while coming and going. Was this a one-off? At this time it appears so. Federal agents who arrested the suspect say that the lodge was his secondary target. His original focus was Israeli nationals in the Middle East. Meantime, I have spoken with members of our fraternity on several levels of law enforcement, and they are keenly aware of this situation. Our task at this point is to remember that we are ALL Tylers over ourselves, and for each other. Semper Vigilo

Pray. Pray for your nation, state, family, yourself, your brethren and your lodge.


John Harder – Worshipful Master, PM

From the West


Greetings from the west. Welcome to 2016. That is the first time I’ve written the new year.

Personally, 2015 was the worst year ever, with 12/31 being one of the worst days. But I woke at peace with the new year. A new beginning, with the realization of what was truly important to me and that there were things that I had no control over and could not affect. The peace of knowing that I am in God’s hands and that I am living according to his plan and not mine.

Sometimes, I can be slow to see the obvious. Sometimes, I have to be smacked in the face to pay attention to what I should have been paying attention to all along. This is an ongoing struggle that I deal with.

I have wronged and been wronged. I hope that the wrongs I have committed will be forgiven, just as I try to forgive the wrongs that have been committed against me.

Today, I want to be a better person than I was yesterday. Tomorrow, I want to be a better person than I am today.

It is a new year and a new beginning. We have our work cut out for us, but I know that we are in good hands.


Bill Stout, SW

From the Secretary


I will be crafting an updated membership roster in the coming months and want to make sure that we have accurate information on everyone. I’ve included a data sheet with the information that is currently on file for you. Please review this, make any corrections necessary, and return this to me. The Grand Lodge has also asked that lodges collect information on the profession of members. Please take a moment to fill in the “Occupation” box on the sheet. Even if you are retired, please list your occupation before retirement. The Grand Lodge is also still recognizing those who have served in the military, so if you did serve and that is not listed, please add the branch and years of service. Lastly, if you have an email address and it is not listed, please fill that in as well. The lodge would benefit from reducing some postage expense if you are willing to receive the Trestleboard by email rather than US mail.


Mike Hamrick, PM