Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC – March 2014

From the East


I hope that this article finds you all doing well and enjoying the wonderful weather we have been having since the system that forced us to cancel our February stated communication. Our March stated is sure to be a busy one with much to catch up on from February, as well as the annual visit from our DDGM, WB John Trail. I would really like for us to really make an impression on brother Trail with a really great turnout. Our cooks have really stepped it up this year and we have had some terrific meals so far so I am sure that March will not disappoint. We are also looking forward to a second degree that we expect will occur during late March for our newly initiated entered apprentices. I am told they are progressing well through their catechism and should be ready for examination in the next few weeks.

As the spring heats up I have been thinking more and more about a spring fundraiser. I know that typically in the past we have done a fall BBQ (and will continue to do so), but our primary function is to raise money for our charities. I feel like we should take every opportunity possible to make that happen! I would really like to hear any ideas or suggestions for a late April or May fundraiser i.e. Fish Fry, Raffle, Carnival for the neighborhood. Please let me know if you have an ideas or opinions about this topic. I look forward to seeing all of you at our next stated on March 11th.


Jim Lofton – Master

From the Secretary


In last month’s Trestleboard, I shared a small portion of the Lodge System of Masonic Education, which is to provide introduction, guidance and explanations as a candidate progresses through the degrees. As this is a series of five sessions, I thought that I might share a small portion of the second session, presented following being Initiated an Entered Apprentice: In the lodge during your initiation you were taught a certain lesson about a cornerstone. The meaning of that lesson should now make sense to you. You are a cornerstone of the Craft. Today you are an Entered Apprentice; in a short time you may be a Fellow Craft; after that you may become a Master Mason. The day may come when into your hands will fall the responsibilities of the lodge. What Masonry is to be in the future depends on what you are now, as an Entered Apprentice. You are the cornerstone on which the Fraternity is now building for the future. It is our hope that you will prove a solid foundation, true and tried, set foursquare, on which our great Fraternity may safely build for work in many years to come.

Do you recall your journey through the degrees? Do you continue to be that solid foundation upon which the Fraternity, even today, builds its future?

Have the lessons and charges of the degrees directed your path…your behavior…your character? Could you use a refresher?

We would love to see you in the Lodge…


Mike Hamrick, PM