Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC – Feb 2014

From the East


Brothers we are off to a great start this year. While our first meeting of the year was met with a bit of a chill in the air, the heat has been fixed and we were still able to elect the third of three candidates to receive the degrees. We initiated the three new brothers in the last week or so and they are well on their way to becoming our first Master Masons of 2014. I would also like to recognize one of our newest members for stepping up to the plate and chipping in to help with coaching. Brother Peter Varney has decided to take on one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs in the lodge…coaching!

I know he will be a terrific coach and I look forward to him assisting with many candidates in the future. In exciting news for our stewards, the Masonic Temple Association purchased a terrific new stove for the building that looks terrific and will be of great use this year helping prepare awesome meals for our meetings. We had a great group of about 35 brothers in January, and I would love to see 50 brothers in February! If you are a brother that would like to attend, but you need a ride or just don’t drive at night please call or email me and I will gladly arrange transportation to and from your home. I look forward to seeing everyone soon.


Jim Lofton – Master

From the South


Do you know the origin of the word Allegory? I was curious, so I did a little research and I found this to be interesting…

The Greeks called a place of public assembly ‘agora’; from this they built the word ‘agoreuein’, meaning speak, in the sense of addressing a public. When to this is added ‘alias’, meaning another, the com-pound gives us our “allegory,” which is the speaking about one thing in the terms of something else.

In Masonry we have the allegory of Solomon’s Temple, of a journey, of the legend of a martyr builder, etc., in each case the acting and describing of one thing being intended to refer to some other thing. For example, the building of Solomon’s Temple is described, not for the purpose of telling how that structure was erected, but to suggest men may work together in brotherliness at a common task.


Chris Crump – JW

From the Secretary


I was privileged to join WB Bob Braswell in presenting to our three newest candidates the first of five sessions of the Lodge System of Masonic Education. This series is intended to provide introduction, guidance and explanations as a candidate progresses through the degrees. The goal is to help make him at home in our society, so that he may take his proper place in the work of his lodge with credit to himself and honor to the Fraternity. The conclusion of the first session seemed rather thought provoking to me, so I thought that I might share just a small portion here: There will not be a word spoken or an act performed which can hurt your dignity or your feelings. There is no physical or mental test to de-grade you or Masonry. Be assured there is nothing of a light or trifling character in any of the degrees. There is a profound significance in every part of the ceremonies. You should try to interpret for yourself all that you experience. If you go through the ritual of Initiation, Passing, and Raising, wondering what is going to happen to you, you will miss the importance of what should be a great and ennobling experience.

Do you recall your EA Degree? Can you see now some of those “profound significances” and do you look upon that period of your life as a “great and ennobling experience?” We would love to see many of you who we’ve not yet met in the Lodge. Please join us for fellowship, and as we do our work and help guide these men along their Masonic journey.

Brothers, as of this writing, we’ve received a 2014 dues payment from 180 of our 294 members. If you’ve misplaced that notice, please contact me as soon as possible. I will get you another. Per CODE, members not making payment by March 1st are deemed delinquent. If you are unable to make payment, please contact me or the Master for what will be considered a confidential conversation. We do not wish to lose members who find themselves in difficulty.


Mike Hamrick, PM