Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC – January 2018

From the East


Greetings from the East!! Welcome to 2018. Another year has begun and we have the annual training to learn to date checks (do you still write checks?) with 2018 rather than 2017

I am humbled that you have elected me WM for a second time. I promise to try to do better this time around J I would like to tell you about my experience at the 2018 Officer installation. As you know, the Worshipful Master is installed first and he stands at the Altar facing the East as the other officers are escorted West of the Altar by the Marshall. So as I am standing there, these men were assembled behind me and out of my sight. As I am installed, I am at all times, facing the East until I am escorted to the Master’s Station. It was at this point that I was able, for the first time, to behold as a group the rest of our 2018 Officers. I don’t even have the words to express how proud I am of these Brethren and what a fine group of men and Masons they are. I have to divide two distinct groups, and oddly enough, I find that I fall into both.

First there is the group that are Past Masters and who have been our mentors – WB Bob Braswell (Installing Officer), WB John Caudle (Marshall), WB Mike Hamrick (Secretary), WB John Harder (Treasurer), WB Glen Sigmon (Senior Warden), WB Mack Wilson (Tyler), and WB David Morgan (Chaplain, not in attendance but not forgotten). Each one of these Brethren have been called upon time and again to serve and have always done their best.

The second group are our remaining officers – Chris Lueck (Junior Warden), Jeffrey Ordonio (Senior Deacon), Nick Voelker (Junior Deacon), Robby Saye (Senior Steward), and Ryan Jones (Junior Steward). Like those that have been mentors to me, I take very seriously my obligation to these Brethren. I have been working with and watch-ing each of them as they progressed through the Degrees and as they have progressed through or prepared for the Officer Line. And I look forward to the day that I am able to stand in Lodge and tell each one what a “Pleasure it is to sit in Your Lodge!”.

2018 is getting off to a busy start with our Stated Communication on Tuesday, January 9th and a Fellow Craft Degree on Tuesday, January 16th. If within the length of your Cabletow, join us for one or both of these dates. I look forward to seeing you in Lodge.


Bill Stout – Worshipful Master, PM

From the South


I am looking forward to a great 2018 from the South. I spent a few minutes yesterday thinking of the Sun at Meridian and then my phone beeped and my attention was drawn away. I had a new mail. Ironically, I received an email from my sister wishing my family a Happy New Year in 2018.

She mentioned to be sure and look up in the sky to see the moon in Perigee (closest to the earth this year) last night 1 JAN 2018 @ 9:30PM. I thought to myself that I want to see this unique occurrence. It was a cold, clear last night here about 12 degrees when I encouraged my kids (17/14/10) to come outside to take a look up in the sky. We did not stay out long, but caught a glimpse of a bright full moon. It was a short opportunity to share with them a few moments of sheer enjoyment of the world around us. Even a quick, quality minute is worth the time to spend with the ones you love.

Here is another celestial tidbit. This month has two full moons in it. The second one comes on January 31st is called a “Blue Moon”. This year there are two months that have blue moons (two full moons in one month), the other month is March (2nd & 31st). The next month that has a Blue Moon is October 2020.

Take time this year to enjoy something that was not made with human hands and is seen by all.

I look forward to seeing you at the Lodge.


Chris Leuck, JW

From the Secretary


As we launch 2018, Phalanx promises continued opportunities for us all. We have two Brothers on their journey through the degrees, currently as Entered Apprentices (with a Fellow Craft degree scheduled for Tue., Jan 16).

Please note that your 2018 dues were payable by January 1, 2018. We’ve received dues payments Mike Hamrick, PM from 103 of our 242 members, with more being received each day. I am mailing out dues cards Secretary

within a day or two of receiving payment, so the date on your current dues card should indicate whether or not you are in good standing with the Lodge. Should you not have received your dues notice in November, please contact me so that I can correct that oversight.

Brothers, we are very active and have any number of opportunities for you to connect with and get involved in the Lodge. I hope that you will consider attending and participating.


Mike Hamrick, PM