Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC – Feb 2018

From the East


Greetings from the East. For those that made it to the January Stated Communication, thank you for your attendance. For everybody else, you missed a meeting with a lot happening.

February looks to be a busy month. We have our Stated Communication on February 13th with Bro Nick Voelker providing an interesting topic for Masonic Education. We are antici-pating an Entered Apprentice degree and we are preparing for the Grand Master’s visit in March. Phalanx Lodge #31 has the honor this year of hosting the Grand Master and we have some surprises in store. I’ll leave you with this hint: R B Y.

The brethren voted at the January Stated to participate in the Lion and Pillar Lodge of Excellence program from the Grand Lodge. Five committee chairmen where selected and we are working towards completing the requirements in each of the categories: Education, Patriotism, Philanthropy, Masonic Membership, and Affiliated Connections. Information is available at

center-for-members/lion-and-pillar-lodge-of-excellence. Please take a couple minutes to read through the requirements and find some-thing that you can help with. Then please contact either myself or our Secretary WB Mike Hamrick and we will get you hooked up with the committee chairman. Phalanx should stand out among the lodges in our state and this is one way that we can show what we are made of.

I attended the Introductory session for the Middle Chamber program and plan to continue that program through the remaining three ses-sions. I highly recommend it for your consideration and look forward to bring reports to the lodge as I finish each session.

In January, we passed Brother Donnie Miller and congratulate him.

That means that we have a Master Mason degree on the horizon. If you have not participated in a 3rd Degree or it has been a while, make plans to join us for our practices on Tuesday evenings (7pm).

As always, I look forward to seeing you in Lodge.


Bill Stout – Worshipful Master, PM

From the South


How are you dividing your time? In this busy world we all have the same amount of time – 1440 minutes / 24 hours each day. There are many claims for our time, attention, support and talent. Brother, please remember these three questions : How much time have you dedicated to a higher power / relief of a distressed worthy brother?

How much time have you enjoyed refreshment and sleep?

How much time have you spent at your vocation?

The time you decide to give to a cause is your own – be sure you are using it wisely. Once the sands have gone by they no longer are our own.

Wishing you the best until you return to the lodge.


Chris Leuck, JW

From the Secretary


We still have more than a third of our members who’ve not yet sent their 2018 dues. Original notices were sent in late November either by mail (for those of you who receive the Trestleboard by mail) or by email (to those of you who receive this Trestleboard electronically). If you are unsure, please check to see if you have a 2018 dues card. If not, and you did not receive a notice, please contact me so that I can get that notice to you.


Mike Hamrick, PM