Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC – Dec 2009

From the East

Dear Brothers,

As the year is drawing to a close our holidays remind me of three sentiments:

First, be grateful to the Almighty for all the goodness that we share and the bounty He so generously gives us. The times are challenging. As we sit down to Thanksgiving dinner, we need to consider those less fortunate than ourselves.

Secondly, we need to support and pray for our brave servicemen and women who are in harms way to preserve our freedom and liberty.

Thirdly, we search or peace and hope that Christmas bring in the silence of the night for a brighter and more secure New Year. Let it be special time or rebirth of brother love.

I myself would like to thank the Officers and the Brothers of Phalanx Lodge #31 for the support and help you have given me for a most difficult time in my Life. It is never easy when one loses a Spouse, but you stood on my side and Filled in for me, when I was not able to be there.

Phalanx Lodge 31 has had an excellent year. We initiated and raised numerous Brothers to the Master Mason degree and we have three candidates for the 2nd degree and three candidates for the 3rd degree in the coming year.

Our next stated meeting is on December the 8th and Past Master dinner is on December the 15th.

Wishing you and your families, good health, happiness and joy during this Christmas season and into the New Year.


J. Peter Schetz – Master Phalanx Lodge 31

From the Secretary


As you know December holds much activity for our lodge:

The last stated meeting of the year, election of officers for the ensuing year, and Installation and Past Master’s Dinner the following week. It is also, the time when you will be receiving your dues notices for the year 2010. Just a heads up that the per capita fee from the Grand Lodge has increased by two dollars; so 2019 dues are now $62. If you by chance have paid in advance your new dues notice will reflect that but you will need to send a check for $2 to make the difference.

Don’t for get our primary charities as well and be as generous as you can as they are in need of your continuing support. Please pay your dues on time and not wait until you receive a delinquent notice. Those notices are costly and time consuming, and distasteful for your secretary to have to do. Hope all have a great holiday season and hope you will be seen at the upcoming events.

Sincerely and Fraternally,

Ken McArthur, PM