Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC – August 2012

From the East

Greetings from the East!

Summer is drawing to a close and we are preparing for the wonderful Fall season that we, historically, have here in the Charlotte Metro. I encourage you to put a visit to the lodge on your calendar.

I, like you, have been busy with all of the Summer-time activities. One thing I have noticed is that the temperature has a definite effect on people’s attitudes. You have often heard, when things go awry (in a weird sort of way) “Is there a full moon?” This may be an old adage but, it is steeped in truth. One thing we should glean from Masonry is the correlation with nature and the elements that the Craft has. I am a great fan of the Fellowcraft Degree. During my Masonic walk it was during this degree that things started to make sense. It was this exposure to the precepts of this degree that encouraged me to seek more light by doing things like learning the Staircase Lecture. When I say
“learning”, I mean dissecting the verbiage and all of the components which make up this degree of our growth, being and very existence. I have epiphany moments on a regular basis, just as Worshipful Brother John Caudle said I would. I was fortunate enough to have this brother teach me during my comeuppance. I have reflected on his words many times over the past 7 years.

I think I noticed more often this Summer than in those past the shortness people, in general, have had with each other. I choose to think it was because of the unbearable temperatures we have had this season. Arguments, crime rate, and agitation all seem to be elevated in the Summer months just as depression and gloom are frequent visitors during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Suicides increase, depression from job loss spikes, etc. These are unfortunate side effects from the elements and the environment. We are charged in our Closing Charge that “every human being” should be benefactors of “our kind offices”. We are to “do good unto all”. Remember these words, brethren?

To help us, all, take a step back and assess the situation for what it really is, I have attached a thought from one of the most profound human beings of our time, Mother Teresa. It is our responsibility to understand that it takes at least two individuals to have an argument. The choice is ours to be the accelerate or the extinguisher. Which will you choose?


Bro. Ralph Harkey – Master

From the South


As I look at the calendar and realize that we are already 3/4’s of the way through this year, I am reminded of how fast time flies, especially when you are having fun!

It also astonishes me to think that this month 6 years ago I became a Master Mason, and began my journey. The last six years have been wonderful, and I feel so inspired by many of our other brothers who remain active.

I think to myself that I could easily do this for at least another 50 years! In this life filled with constant change, and new experiences there are so few things that remain constant. It is refreshing to know that the traditions we have in Masonry can be counted on to remain consistent.

One of the primary constants in the lodge is our degree work, some of which we have coming up with a potential 1st degree on August 21st, and a 3rd degree on September 8th.

I have been practicing for my first time in the East for a degree, and my level of respect for all past masters has grown immensely over the past few weeks. I look forward to seeing as many brothers as possible on the 21st to help make another young man’s entry into Masonry something he will remember and cherish for many years to come.


Jim Lofton – JW

From the Secretary


As usual, my number one topic is dues.

As this issue of the Trestle Board goes to press, about 34 of our members have not yet paid their dues, and final delinquency notices have been mailed. That leaves nearly $3,200 outstanding. It is my hope that in the coming weeks, this number will drop considerably.

During the coming weeks, members of the Member Retention Committee will be contacting the past due members. If you find your- self in a position that makes it difficult to pay your dues, please contact me or the Worshipful Master. We may be able to help, but only if we know.

Remember my Brothers, you were once told “this was not to embarrass your feelings” but to let you know your Lodge is here to help, aid and assist.


Mike Hamrick, PM