Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC – Nov 2019

From the East

Hello My Brothers,

The year went quickly. Thank you for a quiet year in the east. We managed to raise one new Master Mason, replaced our thoroughly worn out officers aprons and collars, and sent some Oxford Home for Children residents to a Panthers game. Well done. Your officers endured Lecture Service, and ran thru some good biscuits and coffee.

I am proud to have been allowed to serve as your Master this past year. Please come to lodge next year, as you can, and remember, you are most welcome!


Glenn R. Sigmon – Master

From the West

Greetings from the West!

Happy November! We are approaching the busiest part of the year for family gatherings holiday celebrations. Pumpkin lattes are everywhere and Thanksgiving will be here before you know it.

Take some time to look at your schedule to see what your calendar holds and plan to
attend some events planned for the rest of the year. With awards coming up we have brothers being recognized for many years of faithful service to Masonry. This will be fol-
lowed closely by the election and installation of officers. There are places for you to contribute to a needy brother by helping the lodge run smoothly and easing the burden of leadership.

As this month and year are drawing to a close I am reminded of how much I have to learn about the fraternity. I do appreciate the help of fellow brothers teaching me and lighting my way forward. We will be practicing weekly on Tuesdays hat we don’t have an event at 7:00pm. Please contact any of the officers if you have questions or suggestions. There is plenty to share my brother.

Hope to see you in the lodge soon,

Chris Lueck, SW

From the Secretary


As we begin to wind down 2019, we seem to continue to be quite busy with Masonic work. After recently raising a new Brother (kudos to those who participated in a well presented Master Mason Degree), we look forward to the next year. This brings the election of 2020 officers, practices to familiarize presumed new officers to their new chairs, and also the 2020 dues notices.

Please take a moment to que up the payment upon receipt of the notice. As a reminder, we now have the capability of online payment, by setting up your account at

Mike Hamrick, PM


From the South

Greetings from the South!

Its the time of the year! Holidays are upon us. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays since I moved here to the USA 15 years ago, as we do not have Thanksgiving celebration back in the Philippines but we decorate our houses and surroundings with Christmas lights and trees as early as September.

Anyways, I am hoping to see most of you on our next Stated Communication. Our topics would be: Election of officers, Dues notices forthcoming (with small $6 increase), Dec 3 installation of officers and Service Awards wherein our GM will present the awards

Since we are talking about Thanksgiving, did you know the first official Presidential Proclamation was George Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation? Washington issued a proclamation on October 3, 1789, designating Thursday, November 26 as a national day of thanks. In his proclamation, Washington declared that the necessity for such a day sprung from the Almighty’s care of Americans prior to the Revolution, assistance to them in achieving independence, and help in establishing the constitutional government.

Another food for thought: General Douglas MacArthur who is famous to most of the Filipinos who said the words “I SHALL RETURN!’ was a freemason himself. A friend of mine from the Philippines who is also a brother shared a picture of a signature of our Bro. Gen. Douglas MacArthur found in Manila-Mt Lebanon Lodge #1 F& AM By-laws dated 1936.

Jeffrey Ordonio, JW