Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC – March 2019

From the East


Greetings from the East. I first want to welcome our newest Entered Apprentice, Brother Hellen, who was initiated in late-January.  I also want to thank the officers, most in new chairs, who put in a good amount of practice time in preparing for the degree.  Brother Hellen appeared engaged throughout the evening, which is a testament to the each person’s delivery and proficiency with the work.  We look forward to a Fellowcraft degree in the coming month or two.

Please mark your calendar for the March 19 and 20 Spring School of Instruction at James K Polk Lodge.  All members are welcome to attend, and officers are strongly encouraged to attend.  The evenings will feature fellowship and dinner with members of other lodges followed by the opportunity to insure that all lodges are consistent in the ritual work.

Lastly, we will have a drawing at the March Stated for a free dinner, so please plan to join us.


Glenn R. Sigmon – Master

From the West

Greetings from the West.

I hope that you are well and this note is enjoyable to you.

My mother has been on my mind his week and in particular a with a lesson for me. The lesson my mom taught me when I was young came to mind vividly. She taught me to treat anyone I meet with respect and kindness. She always had a smile and kind word for all who encountered her, and advised me that you never know who you will meet. Living this lesson she exemplified it daily.

This week I have had at least four separate occasions to practice this life lesson. During this time I have met several others who, after a short conversation found out where we knew someone close to each other or had an underlying connection (daughter, brother, mother, neighbor, etc.) I also met two brothers from Snow Hill Lodge who were generous and shared a meal and a with me.

When I look back on all these conversations this powerful lesson has been well reinforced. I have started interactions with strangers and parted as friends, creating new positive links in the web of fellowship. As my mom said, ‘you never know who you will meet’, meeting a friend is nice but making another is almost as good.

Take these words as you will but the intention is as always to help us to be better Masons.

Brothers the lodge is always better with you and I hope to see you soon in the lodge.

Chris Lueck, SW

From the South

Greetings from the South!

As I’ve been thinking about the duties of Junior Warden, planning dinner/coordinating with the Chef is one of the most vital ones and planning dinner for our upcoming meetings and degrees, I started to do a little research into the origin of the word “dinner.” I was able to find a few fun facts on that topic that I’d like to share.

Did you know that “dinner” initially referred to the first meal of the day? It was on the Internet, so it must be true! Anyways, the story goes that the first meal of the day was eaten around 12PM and followed by a smaller meal or supper in the evening. Therefore, dinner would have been the largest meal eaten each day. Over time, the time of day the largest meal was eaten had shifted, but the name “dinner” remained.

On a similar note, coming together to share a meal is at the heart of so many of our most important holidays, traditions and functions whatever culture or origin we are from, It is not just because we all share a need to eat that these traditions have developed.

Research has indicated that the fellowship that occurs during those meals serves a very important function and may even positively support mental and physical health. It is a time that we laugh and celebrate victories, offer support to others when needed and deepen our relationships as brothers. Indeed, the time we are able to spend together before and after our meetings is very special.

So, I encourage everyone to come out to dinner before our meetings and enjoy the fellowship. Even if you have not been to lodge in a while, I am very sure your brothers want to know how you are doing. It is a perfect time to enjoy a delicious meal prepared by our chef, catch up with your brothers, and meet some of the new brothers who may have joined since you were last there. We will surely have a great time so please join us.

Sincercely and Fraternally,

Jeffrey Ordonio, JW

From the Secretary


I want to remind you of the opportunity to stay in touch with Phalanx Lodge through the Our Lodge Page website – ourlodgepage. Not only can you access news, you can also pay your dues through this site if you wish. Registering on this website also will bring you periodic news about what else is happening in our District with regard to other lodge’s meetings, degrees and special events.


Mike Hamrick, PM