Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC – April 2020

From the East


Greetings from the East. I am reminded during this challenging time of the COVID-19 virus that there are a lot of good things to be thankful for. Slowing down to actually see, participate in and enjoy some of the most simple pleasures have made a big difference to me.

My family has had more dinners, lunches and breakfast together in the last two weeks
then we probably have had in the last five years. We even invented a way to maintain our social distance with grandma while having a picnic with her. It was a great boost in our morale.

Making time to check in each day with all my children personally has been rewarding and our bond has gotten stronger. My wife and I are connecting more since we have been home and prioritized our topics. Yes sometimes they are mundane such as menu planning, chore organization and routine maintenance. I have also been pleasantly surprised with the cheerfulness and initiative my children have taken to participate more fully in our household.

Taking the time to slow down in the middle of an argument to really think about what is important has been a great way to defuse the seriousness. Obviously we are in a stressful time but making the best of it can be rewarding. There is always something to learn from adversity. Discovering something new sometimes only takes a moment to observe, of you are willing to look more closely.

I’m not sure if this is appropriate but I voiced to one of my daughters that this whole episode sucks and we as parents are just trying to make it suck less. Sort of funny but making the best of our situation is building not only a coping mechanism but a low bar or threshold. I hope that we can look back soon and see this behind us and realize how far we’ve come, how fortunate we are, how strong our communities,
families, selves are.

I am also reminded what my mom used to say about getting things done. She always reminded me that there is always time for what you want to do and the things that you don’t want to do, it really doesn’t matter how much time you have, they don’t seem to get done. So I’m using this time to fix some of the things that I have made a low priority in the busy times. That way I can’t say I didn’t have time for them. Brothers, stay strong, stay safe don’t believe everything you hear or see…remember what President Reagan said “trust but verify”.

I look forward to the next time the lodge is open so that we can welcome you home from this turbulent travel.


Chris Leuck – Master

From the West

Greetings from the West!

As we all know, the Stated Communications as well as Masonic gatherings were all suspended as per our Grand Master, all Masonic functions; to include Grand Masters Visit, degree works which was scheduled this April, and all appellate bodies be canceled or suspended until further notice.

Maybe most of us or people around us has this general sense of panic to have witnessed declines in the stock market, runs on certain goods and supplies at our supermarkets. Now is the time for each one of us in Phalanx lodge to be the calming voice for our members and to demonstrate Brotherly Love and Relief.

We are all in this together. I know many have experienced the devastation of wars and global pandemics in the past and have emerged with strength. Freemasonry, especially Phalanx lodge per its history, not withstanding, still survives.

Our fraternity has a long history of overcoming adversities. Now each one of us needs to be a “guiding light” to our communities and most specially of ours.

Please remain safe.

Jeffrey Ordonio, SW

From the South

Greetings from the South!

Although we currently cannot visit with one another in person, I strongly urge you during these unprecedented times to ensure that our fellow brothers and their widows are safe and not in need of assistance. Should you need contact information, please feel free to reach out to our lodge secretary, Mike Hamrick. In the event there is a need that you cannot fulfill, please let us know and we will find someone to assist.

I look forward to seeing everyone in person in the very near future.

Nick Voelker