Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC – October 2014

From the East

Greetings Brothers!

Welcome to Fall brothers! The weather certainly has seemed to turn and as we move into the fall we have news of our recent Grand Lodge activities as well as upcoming events. Grand lodge this year was an exciting event as always. Seeing that many brothers together in one place is always fun, and outside of the business to be completed is always fun. This year’s business included election of our newest Grand Master, soon to be Most Worshipful Brother Douglas L. Caudle.

There were also several important votes this year regarding NC Code amendments. We will go over each amendment and the voting results at our October stated. Please join us to hear the outcome of this year’s voting. We also have our annual fundraiser on Saturday Oct the 25th at the lodge. WB Neil Crossley will be smoking lots of hams in order to help us raise money for our charities. There are plenty of jobs both big and small that brothers can help complete. Please put it on your calendar to spend an hour or two at the lodge on Saturday to help us raise money.

Brothers you joined this fraternity to help others, and this is the primary way we do that, so please step up to the plate and help us make this year’s BBQ the best one possible!


Jim Lofton – Master

From the South

Hello Brethren,

All I can say is Wow!!

The 2014 grand lodge annual communication was a great eye opener for our great State and for me…I had no idea what to expect driving up Friday morning . I had no idea that so many Masons (one thousand strong) from throughout the state would show up for this event. I met a lot of new brothers and saw many who I have met throughout my Masonic journey. It still hard to put in to words. I encourage every one who has not made it to Grand Lodge to at least try to make a future annual communication, even if it is just for one of the two days…this is a must if you truly want an opportunity to experience what impressed me as Masonic solidarity. I realized that the Grand Lodge is not a “them” versus the Lodge, “us”…the Grand Lodge IS us, comprised of “us”, the “workmen in the quarry”; and it “us” who play a part (with our votes) in charting the future course of Masonry in North Carolina. I am very glad to have been part of representing our great Phalanx Lodge #31 and hope to see all of you at our next meeting …


Chris Crump – JW

From the Secretary


I was very impressed with the number of Masons who travelled from across the state to the NC Grand Lodge Annual Communication in Winston Salem on the last weekend of September. There were 1,020 lodge representatives from 340 lodges when the Grand Master gaveled the Grand Lodge “open in ample form” Friday morning.

The weekend also impressed upon me that, as Masons, we can both agree and disagree in harmony. There are occasions every year where a particular item to be voted on where Brothers will differ in thought, wishing to vote for or against that item. As a CODE amendment, for instance, is introduced, often there are Brothers who will approach the East and be afforded the opportunity to offer their (or their Lodge’s) opinion on the proposed amendment. These can be both for or against, but regardless of the opinion, these speakers are treated with respect and afforded this due process.


Mike Hamrick, PM