Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC – October 2012

From the East

Greetings from the East!

We are in the last quarter of the year! My, where does the time go? It has always been said that time flies when you are having fun. And that has been the case with Phalanx Lodge #31 this year. Just to recap some of the things “your” lodge has done this year…

1) Auto Bell Car Wash Fundraiser

2) “Master’s Hat On The Alter” initiative to raise additional funds for our Master charities

3) Joe & Jan Edwards concert to support Masonic Charities

4) 225th Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of NC attendance

5) November 3, 2012 BBQ scheduled

6) Representation on behalf of the Daughter’s of the Nile for their Supreme Queen’s visit to Charlotte

7) Numerous degree work on behalf of new candidates

8) Institution of a standing ritual practice day (Tuesdays)

9) Spring School of Instruction

10) Etc., etc., etc…

Brethren, the list is in no particular order and could go on and on. There have been numerous opportunities for fellowship and fun, and will be many more as we wind down 2012. I urge each of you reading this article to come and participate. We have an exciting 4th Quarter 2012 planned, including the election of new offic-ers at our November Stated Communication and their installation on December 8, 2012. The Fall School of Instruction will precede the election and it is looking like we will have another Entered Apprentice and Fellowcraft degree!

Make your plans to help us round out the year with a bang! Phalanx Lodge #31 is “your” lodge. It just isn’t the same without you!


Ralph Harkey, Master 2012

From the West

Not long after becoming a member of Phalanx Lodge, I was told that as I learned and gained insight into masonry, I would have some “ah-ha” moments where something random would make more sense to me, and I would be able to relate it to the lessons I’ve learned in the lodge. I’ll admit that I’ve had a number of those moments over the past several years, but wanted to share one that happened recently.

A few weeks ago I was watching “Storage Wars” on TV (bear with me and you’ll see where I’m going with this). The show is about buying abandoned storage units at auction, and one of the groups of buyers is a father and son team, Darryl and his son Brandon. Darryl is your typical good hearted guy, but comes across as not so intelligent and always fumbling for the right words to say. His son is also your typical know-it-all who doesn’t think his father gives him enough credit. In one scene, on their way to an auction, this conversation took place:

Darryl: “Brandon, take the wheel.” …as he removes his hands from the steering wheel.
Brandon: “I’m not in the proper seat.” …he responds from the passenger seat.
Darryl: “That’s what I thought you would say. You’re ALWAYS in the proper seat, and need to be ready to take over at any time.”

This little piece of banter between a father and son gave me pause, and I ended up watching that scene several times. What I saw in this was that as we move through our several stations before God and man, that we need to be prepared to take that next step, and be diligent in our duties. Life is ever changing, and we need to adapt and learn as we move through it.

Every lesson in Masonry has a meaning that we can learn from. That lesson may be small, or life changing, and what one person learns, another may learn something completely different from that same lesson. But the point is this, we learn, we grow, we become better, and better prepared for that next step in life.


Kai T. Ferell, SW

From the South


Brothers, as the year winds on I begin to look more at my life as a Mason. As many of you know I announced at the end of last month’s stated communication that my wife and I are expecting our first child in March of next year. I find that I now have a completely new outlook on life in general, but more especially the life that I choose to live, and the example that it will inevitably set for my yet unborn child. I can tell you with all the assuredness I have in me, that it will give me great amounts of pride to tell my child that their father is a Mason. When we host events such as fundraisers and parades, we always discuss how the community will perceive our fraternity. Thankfully, we are taught to square ourselves by the square of virtue, so that those who see us, and recognize that we are Masons will look favorably on the fraternity. I realize now that while our perception in the community is of great importance, we should regularly look at the example that we are setting for our
children and families. We should always remember that while they may see us as dad, brother or husband, they also know us as Masons. The principles we are taught should extend to our interactions with them above any others. I know that in this lodge I am surrounded by a terrific group of honorable men, but while as Masons we hold ourselves to a higher standard, we are all human, and we all have our faults. As often as you can,
remind yourself, that whether in a public or private, as a coworker, husband, or father, you are always a Mason, and should always conduct yourself in such a manner.


Jim Lofton – JW

From the Secretary


As we enter the third quarter of the year, we will find ourselves quite busy in the coming months.

In October we will hear a report on the happenings at the NC Grand Lodge Annual Communication, a report from the Member Retention Committee and the Finance committee and the recommendation of an Investigating Committee on an Affiliation. Other October events include the Masonic Home for Children at Oxford Homecoming, and the 32nd District Fall School of Instruction.

Also remember the Service Award Presentation scheduled for October 30. November will start with the 21st Annual Cletus O’Dell Fulp Barbeque on the 3rd, and will also bring the election of 2013 Officers and December the Installation of those Officers and our final Stated Communication of the year.

We have one Brother working on his EA Catechism and two other men who have inquired about the fraternity and will hopefully be joining us for dinner in the coming months.

Our plate seems to be full, but our Lodge has not been. Please mark your calendar for some of these upcoming events and plan to join us. We would love to see you in the Lodge.


Mike Hamrick, PM