Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC – March 2022

From the East


February was a busy month for your Lodge. Two young men, Garett Latham and Sam Ludwig, underwent the Entered Apprentice Degree. Everyone who participated did a great job in conducting an excellent degree. I am very excited for these young men to start their Masonic journey and further the future of your lodge. I am also happy to report that your lodge is in sound financial condition. At the February Stated Communication, we discussed and approved the 2022 Phalanx Lodge No. 31 annual budget, which is safely net positive. We also reviewed our proposed new seal incorporating Temple Lodge among the other lodges which have consolidated with Phalanx:

At our March Stated Communication, we intend to vote on changing our stated communications to the second Thursday of each month. If passed, and upon approval from the Grand Lodge, our April Stated Communication will be on Thursday April 14. Please plan accordingly. Moreover, we are anticipating a visit from Brother Richard Shields, PM, for masonic education. Brother Shields is the author of two (2) published Masonic books: Befriend and Relieve Every Brother, a book on how Freemasons assisted and saved the lives of other Masons on the battlefield; and May Brotherly Love Prevail, a collection of more battlefield stories, and the story of Freemasonry in World War II. These books will be available for purchase.

February was our first month with free food prepared by Brother Jaffer Kovic, owner of Dilworth Tasting Room, and its chef, which received rave reviews from the brethren. If within the length of your cable tow, come join us at our March Stated Communication on Tuesday March 8th for free food, fellowship, and good Masonic education from a published Masonic author. If you need a ride, please contact Mike Hamrick, PM Secretary.

This Month in Freemasonry

On March 5, 1902, a 27 year old Winston Churchill was raised as a Master Mason in Studholm Lodge No. 1591. Brother Churchill was descended from a family line of Masons and Masonry was very popular at the time in England. In fact, when Brother Churchill was raised, Prince Edward VII (later King Edward VII) was the Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England.


Nick Voelker – Master

From the West

Greetings from The West!

Many people see Freemasons as little more than a group of men who meet in secret, partake in secret rituals and whose ultimate aim is to look after each other. Nothing could be further from the truth. From the moment that an Entered Apprentice is entered into a lodge, it is impressed upon him that his duty is not to himself, but to his family, his fellow man, his community, and his country. Inherent in living by the precepts of Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth is the duty to be tolerant in respecting the right of others who hold beliefs that are different to his own.

The committed Freemason must do whatever he can to improve society, and that is why members of The Craft have helped found schools, colleges, hospitals, and libraries. Famous Freemasons can be found throughout history: George Washington, Benjamin Franklin was a founding member of the first Masonic Lodge in America. Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, and Gerald Ford were Masons, as was Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Davy Crockett, Henry Ford, John Wayne, and astronaut Buzz Aldrin were also Masons.


Paul Parker, SW

From The Craft

Masonic Lodge Charlotte


With the recent consolidation of Temple and Phalanx Lodges, I was asked by the Master and Secretary if I had any thoughts that I’d like to share… I am very proud to be a member of a lodge with such a rich history and so many welcoming Brethren. What excites me most is when a group of Masons can join in fellowship and discussions as well as learn and practice the Work. In doing so, it brings us closer and builds true friendships… making us better men, better Masons. We have what I believe are great opportunities before us. The World Needs Freemasonry. I am thankful for the opportunity of serving on the Masonic Education Committee this year and look forward to seeing you at lodge. Please come out and support your Officers, renew old friendships and make some new ones.

Sincerely & Fraternally,

Clayton Wright, PM