Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC – July 2022

From the East


Last month we held an Entered Apprentice degree for two candidates. Due to Phalanx’s dedication to regularly practice and perfect the ritual, the degree was a big success. Thank you to all that participated and attended.

Although there is no Stated Communication in July, we will continue to practice our degree work on Thursday nights at the York Rite Masonic Temple at 7:00pm and will be holding a Fellow Craft degree on Thursday July 14th for 1 brother with dinner at 6:30pm and the Lodge opens at 7:30pm. Come join us!

This Month in Freemasonry

“The Declaration of Independence” by WM Nick Voelker

Since 1941, Independence Day, or July 4th , has been a federal holiday celebrating the signing of America’s Declaration of Independence from Great Britain in 1776.

***Note that it is now generally undisputed amongst scholars that the Continental Congress “voted” the declaration favorably on July 2nd and formally “approved” and dated the declaration on July 4th. Thereafter, they sent the declaration to Bro. John Dunlap (Lodge #2 in Philadelphia), a Philadelphia printer, who made 200 copies (known as “Dunlap Broadsides” of which 26 are known to exist today) that were sent to all the colonies, army units and prominent society members, none of which were formally sent to Grea Britain, including King George III. The declaration of independence was actually “signed” by the Continental Congress on August 2nd Nine (9) brothers signed the Declaration of Independence, including 2 from North Carolina:

Joseph Hewes – from Edenton, North Carolina – mother lodge is not documented but visited Unanimity Lodge #7 in Edenton, North Carolina (still active) and was buried with Masonic honors in 1779, attended by George Washington

William Hooper – Hanover Lodge in Masonbrough, North Carolina (Raised date unknown)

William EllerySt. John’s Lodge in Boston (Raised in 1748)

Benjamin FranklinSt. John’s Lodge in Philadelphia (Raised in 1731) and Grand Master of Pennsylvania in 1734

John Hancock – Merchants Lodge #277 in Boston (Raised in 1762) & affiliated with St. Andrew’s Lodge in Boston

Robert Treat Paine – Massachusetts Lodge in Boston (Raised date unknown) and involved with the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts around 1759

Richard Stockton – Charter member of St. John’s Lodge in Princeton, New Jersey in 1765

George Walton Solomon’s Lodge #1 in Savannah, Georgia (Raised date unknown). This lodge currently meets in the historic Savannah Cotton Mill. I strongly recommend a Lodge visit or a building tour if you are in Savannah!

William WhippleSt. John’s Lodge in Portsmouth, New Hampshire (Raised in 1752)

In 1776, Great Britain was the most powerful and feared military on the planet. We should keep in mind the heroism of the men who signed the Declaration of Independence, including our nine brothers, who by sigining the declaration also signed a treasonous death warrant should Great Britain ever capture them.

Nick Voelker – Master

From the Secretary


We had a wonderful time at the recent Service Award evening, where more than 50 Brothers, family and friends gathered for a fine meal and the presentation of the 50 year Veteran’s Service Award to Brothers Ralph Lee and Paul Parker…and concluded the night presenting Brother Arnold Wilson his 70-year service award.

Note the upcoming FC Degree on July 14 and plan to join us if you are able.

Mike Hamrick, PM