Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC – July 2018

From the East


Greetings from the East. July is upon us already and our work is far from over.

In June, our Lodge hosted the District 32 Certified Lecturer’s Master Mason Degree and from all reports it was very well done and should be remembered as a special evening.

Thanks to WB David Carriker for conceiving of and planning this degree. Participating from Phalanx were WB Hamrick, Bro. Ordonio, and myself, all in non-CL roles. This year, we have hosted both an EA and MM degree for District #32, so it would only be fitting to host a District #32 Fellow Craft degree and so I will begin planning to make that happen.

Also in June, Bro. Ryan Jones and I attended the Fellow Craft session of the Middle Chamber program. For brethren that are looking for a deeper meaning in Freemasonry, I highly recommend this program and would be happy to discuss with you. While you cannot enroll in the 2018 sessions, be on the lookout for the 2019 schedule.

In July, we will be conferring the Master Mason degree on two of our brethren on Saturday July 14th. Bro. Kovic as examined on the FC only one week after the degree conferral and both him and his coach, WB Harder, are to be congratulated on such hard work. Bro. Miller has returned from an extended absence and his work with WB Braswell was not forgotten in that time. He is ready to be examined at our July Stated Communication.

I look forward to seeing you in lodge.


Bill Sout – Worshipful Master, PM

From the West


My brothers, I rarely contribute to the trestleboard, as I dont have much to share. However I feel compelled to inform you of a missed opportunity.

On 28 June, about 50 brothers from several masonic districts met at Phalanx Lodge and conferred a rather special 3rd degree. Certified Lecturers from most of our lodges performed their work in an exemplary manner, and conferred a practically perfect degree. I was pleased to see a diverse, serious group of brothers work together to raise an attentive candidate. Don’t miss these opportunities…the degree is not the “thing”. The fellowship and synergy is what you missed.


Glenn R. Sigmon ,SW, PM

From the South


Greetings from the South. As you rest and relax during the 4th of July Holiday please stay safe. Simple preparation can be a major help.

Going out ? If you are, pack some extra water and plan the route. Staying hydrated in 90° plus weather it is critical to stay hydrated and it takes a conscious effort.

Driving this holiday ? Allowing a few extra minutes to get somewhere can make all the difference. In such a busy time of summer and especially holidays the amount of people out and about is more than usual. If you have a smart phone consider using an application that combines directions with traffic information. One such service is Waze, it alerts you to traffic, accidents and other road hazards, even police.

This is a crowd – sourced application that allows you to have input and report road conditions. Using the day from many users helps the accuracy and timely information to be delivered in real time ( almost as soon as it is reported).

Watching or putting on fireworks? They are fun and can be a great way to celebrate. However, mixed with alco-hol, inattention and carelessness can lead to an accident. Designate a person to be in charge of lighting them and safety. Have watchers far enough back – so when not if there is a problem they can be at a safe distance.

Wishing you and yours a safe and happy 4th of July from the South.


Chris Lueck – JW