Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC – January 2023

From the East


I hope you all had a great holiday season. Phalanx Lodge had a terrific year in year in 2022, thanks to Worshipful Master Voelker, his officers, and the Lodge members. My goal is to build on past successes and have another great year in 2023. Happy New Year, brothers!

January will be a busy month for the Lodge. We will kick off the month with an Entered Apprentice Degree rehearsal on Thursday. I’m expecting all the officers to be at this rehearsal.

Let’s remember the purpose of practicing and rehearsing the degree work. Degrees are for the candidates. We practice the ritual so that our degrees are performed with precision and dignity, thereby providing memorable experiences for our candidates.

Conferring a degree is a team effort. It is not enough to know your own part. You need to practice with your teammates for a degree to flow well. For this reason, degree parts will be filled by Phalanx Lodge officers and members who show up on Thursdays for practice.

Your presence at our January Stated Communication is fervently requested. I will announce the Committee Chairmen and members. Masonic Education will be provided by WB Clayton Wright.

The topic will be the anointing of Aaron, an appropriate theme in advance of our EA Degree on January 19th. We will finish the month with a Master Mason’s Degree practice on January 26th.

Phalanx Lodge is required to hold a Lecture Service before June 30th. The required minimum time devoted to this service is 5 hours, and at least 5 officers must attend. We haven’t scheduled this yet; but we are looking at having the Lecture Service on consecutive Saturday mornings in March, April, or May.

I wish you and your families and Phalanx Lodge #31 all the best in 2023.


John Hulla – Worshipful Master, PM

From the West

Happy New Year, Brothers!

I am very much looking forward to this year. A recent influx of new members has allowed us to perform ritual frequently, I feel we should also think about our Lodge outside of the Lodge Room.

First, I would enjoy it if our Lodge were to partake in some form of community involvement. Maybe we can help at a food bank or some similar organization. I will investigate the possibilities and present them to the Lodge.

Second, I think we can and should get together as friends and brothers for activities other than stated and emergent communications. Maybe a bowling night? Maybe just get together at the Lodge for board games? I am open to suggestions.

As for the business of the Lodge, I look forward to progress being made about the long-term home of the Lodge be it at the York Rite building or elsewhere.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Past Master Masonic Lodge Charlote NC


Eric Cable, PM, SW

From the South


As I reflect on the past few years and look at my journey thus far in Freemasonry, I am beyond elated in the learning, friendship and community of brotherhood I see and am a part of.

One of my favorite authors is Norman Peale, who penned the book “The Power of Positive Thinking,” commented on his feelings toward Freemasonry, which I read and found familiar.

“To me, Freemasonry is one form of dedication to God and service to humanity.”

“The values and ideas, the profound principals of religion, morality, and honour for which Masonry stands, mean much to me as an American.

There is, as I see it, nothing like Masonry. It is unique in its fellowship which spreads over much of the earth, in addition to our own country. Moreover, this in-depth fellowship spans the years, even the centuries, running back into antiquity. To me it means a personal relationship with great historical personalities and, taken by and large, also with about the finest body of men whom it is possible to assemble anywhere.

Attending Lodge and participating in Masonic activities gave me confidence. I learned to work with people. I found that everyone, every single brother, had a special talent. All I had to do was bring it out. The Brother, then, saw quickly enough how to put his talent to use.

And his success at Lodge work gave him confidence too! He passed it on to others, and they still to others. It wasn’t necessary to repeat a self-help motto like “I believe in me.” Just doing the work and seeing the results were enough.

Confidence in self, in the Lodge, in Masonry, in the community and nation – it caught on, and I have seen it spread farther and farther as I continue my Masonic journey in life, meeting ever more Brothers and sharing with them the confidence Freemasonry can give.

Ever since I became a Mason, the work has not only charmed me, but also impressed me. I can further add that, as a public speaker, it has also given me enhanced perception of the nobility of words and their inspira-tional power when used in skillful combination and for the expression of lofty thoughts.”

Norman Vincent Peale, Minister and Author

Brothers, I am honored to be your brother and friend and look forward to serving you within the length of my cable tow.


Jaffer Kovic, JW

From the Secretary


Happy New Year. Your lodge continues to be quite busy as we head into 2023. Please plan to join us as your cable-tow allows.

As I’ve had several Brothers say that they had not received the 2023 dues notice, which was emailed or postal mailed in early November, I am mailing a dues reminder to those from Secretary whom a payment has not yet been received.


Mike Hamrick, PM