Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC – August 2016

From the East


Wow, who left the oven on? Can you believe the heat this summer – this is North Carolina, not Bad Water Basin (Death Valley). Okay, I know it averages 27 degrees more than the Carolinas, but after a point it sort of feels the same. We look forward to a cool down over the next couple of months. When I think about our founding members of Phalanx, I wonder how they dealt with John Harder, PM weather extremes back in the 1776.

During one of our cooler days recently (lower 90’s) I was able to take a few minutes to pause in the shade at Thomas Polk Park and allow the lunchtime crowds to pass me by. A slight breeze was filled with the thunder of rushing water and live music on the Square (Trade @ Tryon). Most people seemed oblivious to their surroundings as they hurried about their business, a few politely smiled and nodded toward me as they passed the beautiful little park named for the family of our founding Worshipful Master, Lt. Colonel William Polk. Have you ever given thought to your lodge history or to those who have been members of our grand fraternity from other jurisdictions?

From Colonel Polk, to Randolph Scott, to the Belk brothers, police officers, mechanics, politicians, salesmen, engineers, to those who fought in some of the toughest battles here and overseas in our nation’s wars, to those who landed on the moon, to you and me. We are BROTHERS in the grandest fraternity on the planet, and what you are living will be part of the continued history of Phalanx Lodge #31 – the ONLY masonic lodge in the world to carry that name.

Thus far, we have had a busy year and have taken a breather of sorts this summer from degree work as we ready ourselves for Grand Lodge, fall service awards in October for our Brothers who have been with us for decades, to the Scottish Rite Fall Reunion and Oasis Shriners Fall Ceremonial. We will resume Tues-day practices in a few weeks and ask that you join us if there is a part or duty you would like to learn or polish.


John Harder – Worshipful Master, PM

From the Secretary


I’ve extended the calendar listings this month, citing dates of note in the coming months. One of the more notable is the NC Grand Lodge Annual Communication on September 23 & 24. Among our discussions at our upcoming Stated Communications will be the proposed amendments to the CODE. In the NC Mason that you receive at your home, Brother Ric Carter annually (and hopefully once again this year) will detail those proposals and provide some background on each of them.

Should you not be able to attend our upcoming meetings, I remind you that Phalanx Lodge will be represented by WM John Harder, Bro. Bill Stout and WB Glenn Sigmon (by proxy). Should you have an opinion that you wish to voice on any of these proposals, you may communicate that to any of these or to me, so that you are represented in our discussions.


Mike Hamrick, PM