Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC – August 2014

From the East

Hello Brothers!

As we move into August we begin a busy fall schedule for Phalanx. We enjoyed a terrific meeting in July and are looking forward to another good one in August! Our annual Grand Lodge communication is being held the last weekend of September and we will be going over the proposed amendments to the code at our August stated. The officers are here to vote the will of the lodge, so please make sure that you express your opinions on any of the amendments to us before the end of September. Brother Arnold Wilson will be presenting another installment of Masonic education for us in August as well. At our July stated I also talked about a signup sheet for helping with our annual BBQ on October 25th. This signup sheet will be available at our August stated for folks to being filling in where they would like to help. We only ask for no less than a 2 hour commitment, so consider this a slight tug on your cable tow to come out and support our largest fundraiser of the year, and help us make it more successful than ever.


Jim Lofton – Master

From the Secretary


It has been very satisfying to see several of our members attend the Lodge in the past couple of months, who’ve been absent for some time. I would like to think that this trend will continue in the coming months. I do believe that others have thought about attending a Lodge function in the recent past, but for one reason or another, have decided not to. I understand that many live some distance away now, and that others are dealing with health concerns, but if you’re local, and would consider joining us, please know that you all are missed, and we would love to see you.


Mike Hamrick, PM