Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC – August 2004

From the Secretary


We have received approval for our change to the by-laws. When your next dues reminder for the 2005 dues goes out those of you who have not yet received your 50 year or 60 year membership awards will be billed $45.00 plus the mount of the 2005 Grand Lodge per Diem assessment. The other members who have received their awards will get a bill for $45.00. Since the lodge is not billed for those members by the Grand Lodge we will not require that amount from them.

As I am writing this before I received the Master’s remarks I want to remind all of our brethren we will be doing one of the most important duties of a Mason at the upcoming Stated Communication. We have two men who have petitioned the Lodge for the three degrees of Blue Lodge Masonry. Come to lodge on August 3rd and participate in this duty with your brethren. As an added benefit you will be able to enjoy a fine repast and fellowship with your brothers and t heir guests in the dining hall before Lodge opens.

See you in Lodge.


Paul Poley, PM, Secretary