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  • Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC – April 2020

    From the East Brothers, Greetings from the East. I am reminded during this challenging time of the COVID-19 virus that there are a lot of good things to be thankful for. Slowing down to actually see, participate in and enjoy some of the most simple pleasures have made a big difference to me. My family […]

  • Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC – March 2020

    From the East Hello my Brothers, The year is off to a great start and we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Most Worshipful Master Shawn Bradshaw, Grand Master of NC Masons. We will be hosting the Grand Master Wednesday April 1st for the 32nd District Official Visit. I hope that you will mark your […]

  • Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC – July 2019

    From the East Greetings from the East. Summer is a time of vacations and picnics. Brothers, seize that time with your families. Accordingly, your lodge will not meet in July, and practice night is suspended until August. Fraternally, Glenn R. Sigmon – Master From the West It being the month of July, in this Trestle […]

  • Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC – May 2019

    From the East Greetings from the East! Hello my brothers, hope you are well. If our Entered Apprentice bears up, we intend to confer a Fellowcraft degree in June. On June 1st, I expect the officers to attend our required Lecture Service. If you are unable to drive, it’s not a bother to ask for […]

  • Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC – January 2019

    From the East Welcome to 2019. Sat in this chair for Meridian Lodge #728 in 1987. Today, we have some of the same “opportunities”.  (The aforementioned phrase is attributed to Col. Earl Taylor, when we had a big day ahead.) I would love to see more of our members at our meetings, but I know […]

  • Masonic Lodge Charlotte NC – July 2018

    From the East Brethren, Greetings from the East. July is upon us already and our work is far from over. In June, our Lodge hosted the District 32 Certified Lecturer’s Master Mason Degree and from all reports it was very well done and should be remembered as a special evening. Thanks to WB David Carriker […]