Do you believe in God?
While Masonry is not a religion, it requires its members to believe in God. Masonry does not care what your faith is -- that is a question between you and your God. No atheist can be a Mason.
Do you belive others have the same right to their own beliefs as you do?
Masonry teaches tolerance and insists on everyone's right to think and decide for himself in religious, social and political matters.
Do you believe that there's more to life than materialism?
Fraternity teaches its members that self-development and self-discovery is more precious than any martial possessions.
Do you believe charity, kindness and compassion for others are more important than prestige, power and influence?
Masonry does. We believe that kindness to all God's creatures, charity to our fellow man and compassion for the unfortunate are traits that define men of good character.

If you answered yes to all of these questions, you may want to consider becoming a Mason.

Freemasonry does not solicit new members, no one will ask you to join, this has to be your desire and it has to happen based on your own free will and accord. Once you decide to become a Master Mason, you will have to contact a Mason and talk to him about it. Should you not know any Masons, please contact one of our Officers and/or stop by for a visit.